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In Topic: Slack In Clutch Pedal?

25 June 2014 - 08:24 AM

Mines recently done this due to my clutch return spring breaking, only about £4 from ford but a pain in the !Removed! to fit!


Hmm, yeah. I was kind of hoping it wouldn't be that - everywhere I've looked online says it's a RIGHT pain in the !Removed!.


Any chance you could take a picture of exactly where yours is, just so I can see where it's supposed to be (to work out whether it's broken/missing), and to help as a guide for how to fit it?


In Topic: Fitting A Dash Cam To A Focus

08 June 2014 - 12:24 AM

I might as well do that, but for an added peace of mind I'd like that the dashcam shut off when the ignition goes off; do any of you know how to do that ?

Yep, test the fuses in your fusebox until you find one that goes off with the ignition, then simply piggy-back the camera onto that using piggyback fuses.

The solution I went for in the end was to hook straight up to the battery but also buy a Blackvue Power Magic Pro - this device monitors the battery voltage and cuts the camera off if it falls below 11.9V, so you can keep it running for a good few hours when you leave the car without worrying that the battery will be dead the next morning.

Can be expensive at some places but I got mine for £25 on eBay, so was happy to pay that.

In Topic: Guide To Fitting Rear Parking Sensors Focus Mk2.5

10 July 2013 - 10:06 AM

OK guys, I know this sounds stupid but I just need to make sure I'm doing this right. First time using a crimping set so bare with me lol! Do I make a cut in the reverse live then on top end of butt connector insert the sensors red live alongside one end of reverse live then on other end of butt connector insert the remaining part reverse live? So in summary you have two wires (1 pt of reverse live and red live from sensors) going into butt connector on one side and going out on the other side just one wire (2nd half of reverse live). Once again sorry for sounding dumb but I'm used to just cutting and soldering but my iron is broke so gonna try crimping the electrics now on. (If all goes well lol!)


Yeah that's right. You can get small triangular connectors that take 3 inputs, so if you have one of those in your set you could use that instead.

Otherwise, yes, cut the live to the reverse light, put one bit of the cut wire in one end, and put the other bit + the parking sensor live wire into the other.

In Topic: Guide To Fitting Rear Parking Sensors Focus Mk2.5

09 July 2013 - 03:24 PM

Should I fit a fuse in the live of the sensors then? Is it a nessary thing to do and if so what size of fuse is needed?

Also where do the angle adjustment rings go? Is it outside bumper behind the sensor or inside of bumper at back of sensor? I don't think I will use these as pree said he never used them and sensors were reliable enough. I think they are maybe for more curved or ridged bumpers where the sensor won't sit flush enough on bumper but maybe I'm wrong.

Also one more thing, I haven't got any butt connectors and want to install this today i have scotch locks but dont think they would be secure enough to last so would those block connector be as good and safe to use as anything? and as they will be hidden you won't see them also so I suppose that's a plus.


You don't need a fuse... they barely draw any power at all, nowhere near a significant amount compared to what the rear parking light draws anyway. So any fuse that comes for the rear parking light already will be sufficient (I don't think there is any...), no need to add extra fuses.

The angle rings go between the bumper and the sensor on the outside, but I didn't use them on my Focus ... the Focus rear bumper is already pretty flat.


Block connectors should be fine. Don't use Scotch Locks.

In Topic: Guide To Fitting Rear Parking Sensors Focus Mk2.5

08 July 2013 - 04:50 PM

I was thinking of wiring the sensors in to car using the electrical blocks that be used in the house for ceiling lights as my soldering iron is broke and I'm not a big fan of the scotch locks as some tend to come loose over time and don't connect The best with fine wires. Would these blocks be OK to use if connected and taped up?


My recommendation for in-car wiring is a crimping tool with connectors. No skill required and not messy or dangerous (as with soldering), not unreliable like scotch locks.