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Slack In Clutch Pedal?

24 June 2014 - 03:47 PM

Hi guys, got a 2006 mkII Focus, and recently have become concerned about the clutch pedal.


It seems to me that when I engage the clutch and let it come up, there is about an extra inch/half inch of slack. i.e. I can put my foot behind the pedal and drag it up another inch/half inch.


The clutch still seems to work pretty well, as the biting point is some way below this, but it is kind of annoying and I feel that I'm sometimes close to riding the clutch as a result.

I'd like the pedal to come up all the way as far as it can go, by itself, without my having to drag it up by putting my foot behind the pedal.

Can anybody suggest what might be the issue?