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Quick Clear Power Connectors

29 January 2015 - 09:08 PM



Anyone know how the power is routed in/out of the Quick Clear screens?


Mines not working on the passenger side, not the fuse, however since I out a dashcam in its now worked.  Could be it went last year and I've had no cause to use it., but is there a power or earth feed at the top that I may have damaged / dislodged when I pushed the cable behind the head trim?



And if I have how do I get the  ceiling trim off to check????  Or if someone can tell me that I can check myself...










Power / Earthing Point In Passinger Fuse Box

19 January 2015 - 02:58 PM

I have a 2009 Style model  (Well its the Econetic but its a style in eco friendly clothes)


I want to put in a Dash cam, that the easy bit, its in and wired down the A frame through the back of the dash and currently goes to the Cig socket and I manually plug/ unplug it.


However I often forget to unplug it, and I know at some point I'll forget before going on a week or more's holiday and the car battery will be flat when we get back to it so I want it on a switched live socket.


Now I don't really want to play with the electrics to put it in permanently (as I may sell the car on the future, or the cam may break..) so I plan to put a Cig socket behind the dash, and wire that to the switched live via a piggyback fuse.   That way its easily removable in future for a new cam or to move to a new car.


So far so good, I have a working socket, wires to a piggy back fuse and all good.


Now I'm stumped, First the 2009 fuse diagram in the manual bears no relation to my fusebox, in fact the 2012 facelift one is a closer match, but I'm used to that, what's stumped me is where the heck do I wire the earth and live to?


Previous posts have said that fuse 43 is the active city stop, and that may be true (Or there is allegedly an Ignition 1 and Ignition 2 fuse both currently not populated on my fuse box that may be used, ) but where should I wire the -Ve/Earth return to? Without knowing that I may be on an active feed on Fuse 43, but no ground means no current.


General advice on here is look for a grounding point but its all cloth wrapped wired as far as I can see and there's nothing obvious so I've no idea where I should wire the return to.  Anyone got any suggestions or even better a picture??