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Grumble, Whinge, Moan, Cd Unit Failed, Warranty Out By 2 Days

09 October 2013 - 12:28 PM

Title says it all.   Wanted a moan. 


CD player (that to be honest is hardly used at all) has failed, the screen flashed on an off the message "CD DRIVE MALFUNCTION" a few times,  not long enough to read it just enough to think what was that, and then refused to play or eject.  This morning it's very intermittantly working.


Radio and bluetooth work fine so its probably a 2p plastic gear or rubber band,


Phoned the dealer to find the warranty on the car expired 2 days ago,





Dealers looking at it as a goodwill gesture, but I'll bet Ford refuse to replace it as it's 2 days out of warranty, not likely to replace it anyway as we rarely use CD's, rather the USB stick.



Thanks, feel better now

! Guide ! - Added Esp Disable Switch To Mk8 Fiesta's With Front Parking Sen...

24 November 2012 - 03:30 PM


As I had to do this to mine then someone may find this useful. Ford don't sell a switch to allow ESP Disable and Front Parking Sensors saying it's not possible as an option.

This guide won't add front Parking sensors if you don't have the hardware fitted, but just because I have front parking sensors why should I be missing out on the cheap ESP disabled mod... :)