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Fiesta Metal Broken Into & Stolen From

20 June 2013 - 10:51 PM

Hi all,







For the second time, in as many years, I post after my car
being the target of thieves (http://www.fordowner...a-metal-stolen/)

This time, my car was broken into, with most easy things of value being stolen (wheels, stereo,

various trim parts, grille etc.)


The worrying part was how easily they got access to the car. We’ve got CCTV of the incident
(which I’m not too keen posting publically here, but may provide privately to
anyone interested), which shows that they gained access within 35 seconds, via
the driver’s side door handle/lock. As shown in the pictures, the damage to the
lock seems relatively minor by what I was expecting it would take to break into
a modern car.


It has a Cobra 2-1 alarm, which was shown to dis-activate
when the doors were unlocked (single hazard light flash on CCTV). Also worrying
was that at one point the full-beam headlights were turned on – this only being
possible with the ignition also being on, as far as I know. The car doesn’t
have keyless entry/start by request, due to the previous theft incident; therefore
the question of how this was possible
is a puzzling one for me. I believe the only reason they didn’t drive away is
because of the disk-lok steering wheel immobiliser.


I’ve spoken to Ford’s directly, who have clearly stated that
“they have no reports of similar incidents, and so cannot comment”, and are not
willing to view either the video evidence, or imaging (I’ve since provided all
to police and insurance company to hopefully pursue with Ford).


I’m just a bit baffled as to how this could have occurred,
and what I can do to prevent it next time – bearing in mind after the last
incident I purchased an alarm and tracking system for the car, expecting for it to be safe.


Has anyone any thoughts?