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A Lot Of Electrical Problems/failures On My Mk2 Focus 1.8Tdci

23 January 2015 - 06:48 PM

OK so heres a full list of everything that doesn't work on my peice of shi...um i mean car, at the moment.

Heater blowers - no sound or nothing, AC light comes on but nothing else happens

Electric windows - nothing when pressed

Windscreen washers - nothing when pressed although i can hear the relay clicking

Rear wiper & washer - nothing 

Wing mirror controls - nothing

Ice alert on dash constantly, -.- is what the temp guage reads

Bonnet open message on dash constantly.

Oh and it needs a new oil cooler too as there is sludge in the coolant, a split rubber hose at the back of the engine bay (turbo?) and there is a huge cloud of white smoke from exhaust on a cold morning until the engine heats up, some poor old dear had to walk though it this morning, won't have done her lungs any good.

Any ideas? Will one of those code readers help me diagnose what's wrong?. I hate going to a mechanic blind with no idea what's wrong with it.

many thanks in advance.