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Diy Alloy Wheel Refurbishmnet

19 August 2013 - 03:04 PM

Right I said I'd set up a project log of me refurbishing a set of alloys which I got. I got all 4 alloys, centre caps and the lug nuts all for a 100 Euro,Therse are genuine 16" Fird Alloys which came off a Mondeo.


Here are the condition of the wheels as I got them When I removed the tyres.


Attached File  IMG_06361.JPG   110.1KB   54 downloads


Attached File  IMG_06371.JPG   89.42KB   60 downloads


Attached File  IMG_06381.JPG   106.93KB   59 downloads


First step last saturday was to remove all the laquer and top coat form the alloys so that entailed going sandblasting them and here is the result.


Attached File  IMG_06341.JPG   83.5KB   72 downloads


Attached File  IMG_06351.JPG   77.94KB   60 downloads


So that is what I have done so far I have also bought all the paint but wont disclose the colour until the pics are ready :ph34r:  :ph34r:









What Are These Wires?

20 June 2013 - 09:43 AM

Hi all,


I was removing the lower part under the radio facia last night (where the rear windcreen heater button is) and i came across a loom that was pluged into a blank on it. Does anyone know what its for?


Here is the picture of it


Attached File  IMG_05921.JPG   84KB   47 downloads


Its the one on the left I am wondering what it is (black and red), the other one is the rear windcreen.


Diy Window Tinting

19 June 2013 - 02:15 PM

Hi all,


Has anyone attempted to tint their own windows? If so have you used pre cut tint or did you buy the rolls to give it a proper tint? How hard or easy a job is it and what has the final outcome been?


Seriously thinking of doing mine and was just wondering which is the best for tinting as i have found this



Help would be greatly appreciated lads.

Dpf Additive

10 June 2013 - 09:46 AM

Hello Lads,


There may be another thread on the forums about this but cannot seem to find it. The "Engine System Fault" reading and red light are on the dash. I got it plugged in a few weeks ago and the mechanic told me that the additive in the DPF resivuoir needs to be filled. I have been told that alot of the Irish cars do not have this, but mine was improted from the UK and does have it. I have been onto a local dealer here and they have quoted me €405 to get the whole lot done. I think this is a bit steep for what is need. Has anyone on here tried doing it of have known anyone that would have done it that might have info on it. I priced the stuff from local Volvo and Peugeot garages and is cheaper than the Ford dealers which is crazy. 

Went Mad With Spray Paint Over The Weekend :)

10 June 2013 - 07:24 AM

Hey lads,


I went a small bit mad over the weekend with spraying so here are a few pictures to show you the out comes im very happy with the results :)


Attached File  IMG_05801.JPG   123.29KB   139 downloads


The wngine cover with day glow orange, a bith tedious with the writing but really happy :)


Attached File  Car front.jpg   143.42KB   152 downloads


The diffuser below the bumper, i think it makes the car look lower :)


Attached File  IMG_05841.JPG   138.31KB   137 downloads


The sill protectors I colour coded them also as the where black :)


Attached File  Car Rear.jpg   160.07KB   117 downloads


The strip on the top of the bumper was black and annoying me so i think it looks better this colour :)


Right lads there you go opinions always welcome good or bad.