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Ye Old Flashing Glow Plug Light But Can't Find Anything

24 March 2012 - 05:01 PM

Hi everybody

Recently bought a 2005 Mondeo estate 130 TDCi. After a month or two and after a long drive back from Wales to Bucks I restarted the engine at a train station and the engine glow plug light started flashing and went into some sort of limp home mode with no turbo boost..

Things I've tried already:

- checked turbo actuator arm and it moves freely when engine is hot and cold
- cleaned out EGR valve and inlet manifold (then replaced EGR valve with another tested 2nd hand one because of stripped threads so it was blowing gases)
- MAF sensor is clean
- checked turbo actuator circuit board for any loose connections, nothing there!
- had a diagnostic reader plugged in and it found 'P132B Turbocharger Boost Control A Performance'
- theres no blue smoke and the turbo works fine when in a normal state
- when I hot started it the actuator arm stayed in the same place and didn't move at all when revving

Anything else I can do? Possibility of hair line cracks on connections on actuator circuit board?