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In Topic: Old School Vs New School

28 August 2012 - 12:00 PM

looks like my old mans, he completely refurbed his, it's a beautiful car.

In Topic: R.i.p Fiesta

24 August 2012 - 07:53 AM

You do lose something on the mpg but from what I've read on here I'm not doing too bad at around 38mpg.

I do a mix of dual carriage way and town driving and my manual average is 47 thats on a 1.4 Zetec Petrol, 38 sounds decent for an auto.

Also hope the op gets this resolved, and if it's faulty wiring please let us know...

My Fez is by far the best car I have ever owned, and quite fun for a 1.4, would hate to see it expire on a wiring issue!!

In Topic: Paint Flaking / Warranty

22 August 2012 - 11:44 AM

I need to speak with Ford as I have a massive amount of lacquer peeling on the roof.

In Topic: I Offically Hate Vauxhall Drivers

02 August 2012 - 08:08 AM

No one beats BMW, I have had numerous guys do stupid things, most recent is being overtaken at traffic lights, I moved and he overtook me forcing me to pull in and brake, at the next lights I rolled the windows down and asked "why" I was treated with pretty much every insult under the sun.

My only tangle with a Vauxhall, a guy pulling out in front of me from a side road, I honked so he brake tested me, nice guy, so I hung back and let him move off, a few miles later and I was overtaking some cars in the 2nd lane when one darted out to almost bash sides ( is was the same guy ) I swerved away to avoid skidded slightly then suffered a blow out, lost control and hit a crash barrier in excess of 60mph, the Vauxhall driver had the courtesy to slow down, and give my brother the middle finger as he climbed out my wrecked car, so I have a special place in my heart for contempt of Astra drivers..

Traffic police initially blamed me, I had collected another car during the spin, but after they measured the data from the cars they said I was not to blame, they never went after the other car, and my insurance had to pay for all damages, first time driving was 3 months later and the same idiot overtook me and 3 other cars by crossing a double white line and the wrong side of a traffic island putting all our necks on the block, he is known for being a utter idiot it seems, I never use that stretch of road now, my car was an utter write off, and it was a limited edition VW Golf..

In Topic: Trip Computer Test Menu/ford Audio Update

30 July 2012 - 09:06 PM

I thought the engine temp was only displayed when its in maintenance mode, when you restart the car again I am pretty sure it goes back to default.

Unless yours is a 12 plate and the temps now displayed as a default?