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#330849 Annoying Buzzing Noise From Beneath The Stereo...

Posted by lollapalooza on 09 February 2014 - 02:40 PM

3 vs 100 ... DIY is better :-D

#213624 Annoying Buzzing Noise From Beneath The Stereo...

Posted by lollapalooza on 25 October 2012 - 03:44 PM

The part number here in Italy it's 1736143.
The price is about 3 €.

That's the picture of the sensor with the "adapter" plugged. The adapter is highlighted.
Posted Image

The sensor is not "hanging", it is plugged in a slot on the dashboard.
In left hand drive cars the slot is located on the left of the climate control panel, about at the same height of the driver's knee.

#213186 ! Guide ! - Fitting Cruise Control Aftermarket

Posted by lollapalooza on 23 October 2012 - 05:19 PM

Here it is the first part of the guide; I still miss the activation of the CC via Ford ETIS and IDS; I'll do that in the next days.
At the moment I've got only a few general info about the procedure and they are at the end of the post; if somebody has more detailed info (the software to use, menus to select, etc. i.e. all the necessary steps) please update this topic.

First of all I Unplugged the battery and keep it unplugged for 15-20 minutes.

I removed the steering column top cover, by removing two screws.
Posted Image Posted Image

After that I removed the bottom cover; it's just one screw.
Posted Image

Once removed the covers, if you look behind the steering wheel, you'll see two holes (rotate the wheel if you don't see them).
Posted ImagePosted Image
Posted ImagePosted Image

Inside those holes you can see a metallic pin; that one is the clip that keeps the airbag in its position.
Posted Image

I put a screwdriver (flat tip) and used it as a lever, pushing the pin towards the center of the steering wheel; don't be afraid if the airbag doesn't come out, because you need to pull strong.
You'll hear a "click", and that is the pin that has dropped the hook. Drop the pin also on the other side.

Now you can pull out the airbag; pull a bit on the left and a bit on the right... pull over and over, and the airbag will come out.

Actually you need to pull quite firmly, because there are 3 big pivots; here follows the picture.
Posted Image

You don't need to disconnect the airbag; it's enough to unplug the two "fastons" and the "eyelet" highlited in this picture:
Posted Image

Unplug the white plug and the black one on the left, behind the radio controls; it's a plug like the ones that once were used for connecting audio for CD-Roms.

To remove the silver trim there are three screws behind the steering wheel; two are behind the cruise and stereo buttons; the other one is in the center of the "V", at the bottom of the trim.
Install the new trim and the new wiring; remember the eyelet and the two fastons.
The new wiring has two "CD-Rom" plugs; one is for the stereo buttons (the one with the shortest wire) and one is for the CC buttons (the one with the longest wire).

In the following pics I'll highlight the 2 fastons and the path that has to be followed by the wires.
There is a kind of "slot" in the plastic; push strongly the wires inside that, but don't use a screwdriver, because you could easily cut the wires.
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Now you need IDS and ETIS access.
With Ford ETIS you need to download the ASBUILT file by using the VIN number; save the file somwehere and open it with NOTEPAD or other plain text editor (don't use Word or similar).
There is a tag <CCC_DATA>; inside this tag find the char #50; that should be 1; replace with 2 and save the file.
The sequence should be 010101 and it need to be replaced with 010201.

Now by using IDS you need to upload the file to the car.
Please note that the computer must be disconnected from Internet; otherwise no "open file..." window will appear, and the XML will be downloaded from ETIS.
After uploading the file, the diagnostics should show a lots of errors, because CC is enabled but its indicator isn't enabled.
Enter the IDS configuration panel, and look for the menus where you can dis/enable the car's parameters; there you'll see something that says that the car is equipped with CC.
Look for the item "speed indicator" (or similar), and enable it by the drop down menu.
Save the configuration and try the diagnostic; everything should be ok.
Exit from the software normally (still disconnected from the internet).