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28 December 2008 - 08:21 PM


I am a new owner of a 2006 Mondeo ST 2.2 tdci with 44k on the clock I am hoping someone can help I have only had the car a week but first impressions are that the fuel economy is not as good as people say. I used to own a 2004 BMW 320d with 100k on the clock returning around 44-45 mpg combined even when being driven hard my mondeo seams to only be returning 37-38 is this right? If so can anyone recomend a tuning chip that will also improve the mpg figures?


Simon.........are you basing MPG figure from the cars computer.If you are ,then try resetting the MPG figure to zero before each journey and you'll find the computer will start to give a more acurate reading.The computer bases the MPG on the distance a nd average speed and if the computer has not been reset for a long time then the MPG figure will look odd. I quereied the same when i bought my mondeo 2 weeks ago.Mine was showing only 30 -35MPG and i was getting worried but since the resets it up to over 45mpg sometimes over 50. Hope this helps,i'm not really technically minded.