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In Topic: Unknown Gizmo On Rear Of Break Backplate

Today, 11:31 AM

its a brake shoe hold down pin by the sounds of things. Any chance of a picture?

In Topic: Magnetic Sump Plug For Mk1 Focus?

Today, 10:40 AM

The size of the bolt head on the sump plug is irrelevant really. I could machine you a sump plug with a 20mm hex if you really wanted..


Providing the thread size is correct is all that matters. The original ford sump plugs use a bonded rubber seal where as your magnetic one uses a washer.

In Topic: How Necessary Is The Flexi Pipe?

Yesterday, 01:13 PM


I did think about trying to get the clamps upside down (just for neatness), but the rain was coming down hard and I was rapidly losing interest :P


Why can't you clamp a flexi on? So long as the flexi is under the car it should be possible right? I know some cars have the flexi up at the back of the block, which would make it a tricky job.


I could have replaced the manifold + downpipe which would have come with a new flexi pipe, but for me, this way was easier, cheaper and in my opinion a bit more modular. I like modular exhaust components. This is another part, where if it fails in a few years (or before the car dies) again, I can easily replace it with not much effort.


Haha yes the good old rain does tend to do that :lol:


In most cases the bends are too close to the flexi meaning there is no room for the long sections where the clamps fit, where as on a weld on flexi they are very short.

In Topic: How Necessary Is The Flexi Pipe?

Yesterday, 12:08 PM

I read this the other night and got side tracked so I forgot to reply lol.

Only thing I would have done is turn the clamps round. At least your exhaust system allows you to for a clamp on flexi, most don't which means welding one in.

In Topic: Timing Belt Change Mk2.5

25 August 2015 - 05:07 PM

I took the starter off and used a piece of metal to lock the flywheel, it took 2 of us and a bar on my breaker bar to undo the nut.


A good bit of heat on the crankshaft bolt would have helped.