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In Topic: Focus 2012 Clutch

Today, 12:28 AM

The master cylinder isn't too bad a job actually, the worst part is breaking your back to get at the rear of the clutch pedal.

In Topic: Loud Twang....

Yesterday, 10:16 PM

Yeah they would probably work fine, I use a hydraulic unit now so I have to compress them with the jack and use paracord to tie them in the compressed position.

In Topic: Loud Twang....

Yesterday, 09:13 PM

If it is a broken spring, they are a bit of a pain to do on the front of the mk3 as the strut assembly is bigger than the gap so you need to compress it slightly first.

In Topic: Loud Twang....

Yesterday, 08:41 PM

Like this 2006 Mondeo

In Topic: Loud Twang....

Yesterday, 08:40 PM

Have a look at the very bottom of the spring. be careful of driving it with a broken front spring, if the pig tail has snapped off the entire spring can slip over the strut meaning your car will hit the deck.
I will upload a pic shortly of what I mean