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In Topic: Ford Ka Coolant Leak

Today, 11:32 PM

No it will start filling the system as you fill the expansion bottle

In Topic: 2004 C Max 2.0 Tdci Clutch And Flywheel Confusion???

Today, 09:08 PM

I got it sorted it was from an ebay company called car parts saver or car parts for less I gave them a call and told them it's their fault the listing doesn't give full info on the part and he said yes no problem I'll send you a ups address label if you arrange collection we will swap it And have it to you by Thursday! What a bonus I thought that was going to be a rite headache!
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Good result. Yeah carparts4less and eurocarparts change things no problem. They have always been very helpful when they have given me the wrong parts.

In Topic: Removal Rearl Subframe Mk3 Mondeo

Today, 09:07 PM

Disconnecting the arms from the hubs is actually very easy and I've never had any problems with rust on the ones I've done. The bolts have still had a shiny zinc colour to them when removed.

Never dropped the subframe down but it does look simple enough. The exhaust is just 2 nuts and a few hangers.

In Topic: Ford Ka Coolant Leak

Today, 09:04 PM

Yeah just pull the bottom hose and have a bucket ready underneath.

To fill it just pour it in through the expansion tank. Run the engine with the cap off to allow it to burp the air out

In Topic: We Buy Any Car

Today, 02:27 PM

What are they offering for it? they are a right old bunch of rip off merchants..


A guy i work with just sold his car on gumtree after telling me he was going to scrap it for £120 because it was a shed. I told him to fire it on gumtree and chance his luck for free. Sure enough he listed it for £400 and it sold the same day. so maybe worth a shot?