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Mk3 Engine Weight

13 October 2014 - 06:25 AM

Hey all,

Does anyone know what the weight of the mk3 mondeo 2.2 tdci engine is? With or without gearbox.


Are Less People Working On Their Own Cars?

08 October 2014 - 08:39 AM

It struck me earlier that it would seem like less and less people are working on their own cars these days?

Is it because many systems are becoming too complicated and manufacturers are developing systems which require expensive 'special tools'?

I know many people have cars on lease deals so are covered by manufacturers warranty and only really need to have the car serviced before they trade in and get another new car so that must also contribute to a fair amount.

Focus Mk1 Clutch Change - A Few Pics

01 September 2014 - 02:16 PM

As the title suggests here is a few pics from a clutch change I done on a mk1 1.6 petrol focus at the weekend.
These are just pictures I took along the way, just a little insight into what your likely to encounter should you ever need to do this job. Not a difficult job, time consuming and horrible to do on the driveway, a lift would be so much nicer.

Total cost of parts was £140 which included the following.

Luk clutch kit (I was sent a Valeo kit instead)
Sachs slave cylinder
3 litres of 75w/90 gearbox oil
2x genuine ford gearbox seals
2x genuine ford pinch bolts
1x litre of brake fluid

First of all, the problem; a leaking slave cylinder

Not looking so good;

The clutch itself, flywheel side;

Gearbox side;

The hole under the bonnet with no gearbox;

The mess when you spill about 2 litres of gearbox oil.. I didn't have time to get a picture of the oil as I was too busy trying to get sand lol;

New clutch fitted and lined up;

Brake fluid cleaned out and new slave cylinder fitted;

Old oil seals removed, note how they get a bit mangled trying to get them out;

New oil seal going in, I was trying to find my set of seal drivers at this point;

Gearbox read to fit back in;

View from underneath. It's not a hard gearbox to refit but it is awkward on your own, having to push it up and roll it round a bit;

And a nice new cv boot. Didn't have the right pliers with me so had to settle for a pair of end cutters instead. Only difference is the proper tool pushes the crimped bit flat - not an issue you need to worry about on the focus;

Foc Central Scotland Meet 30/8/14

21 August 2014 - 09:49 PM

Hello all,


We are having another FOC Scotland meet on Saturday the 30th August in South Queensferry at 12 noon.


The meet will be in the large car park opposite the Biker's Cove. The address is:


Newhalls Rd, South Queensferry, City of Edinburgh EH30 9TB


We also have a Whatsapp group so anyone wishing to be added to this should PM me their number. 


Hope to see you all there. 




How's This For A Hole In The Exhaust

08 August 2014 - 06:22 PM

Hi all,

I changed an exhaust today on a 2002 VW Polo, it was bought last week to be done for it's mot. I got a phone call a couple of days ago to say the exhaust was very loud and now blowing badly so could I possibly change it ASAP.

Anyway to cut a long story short, here's the old one. The front section has been replaced before by someone and appears to be of an unknown make but look at the hole in it!

And yes I did get absolutely soaked fitting this exhaust :lol: