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Unbelievable Timing!

13 August 2015 - 01:00 AM

Well the mighty Mondeo has never broken down in over 4 years of ownership but tonight was the first of any trouble I've ever had with it.

Jumped in the car tonight, turned on the ignition and started the engine.. Absolutely nothing on the dashboard, no lights and no dials!
Haven't had the chance to see if anything else such as interior lights of electric mirrors have also stopped working but I really do hope it's a fuse but if so then the question is why?

Part of the fun of car sharing though is that there are always backup cars, as much as my car is running fine it's not ideal having no speedo or Rev counter.
The car was parked on Monday morning and hasn't moved since, was absolitely fine when I parked it. I'm off for 8 days as of tomorow so I will investigate it then. Shame this problem couldnt have waited a day or 2 though. To add to that I was late in to work tonight due to a crash on the motorway. Really is not my night.

Euro Car Parts Discount

20 July 2015 - 06:17 PM

Remember folks, extra 15% discount at euro car parts just now. Use code 'extra15'

I've just ordered 2 drums of 5w/30 C3 - an oil I use a huge amount of, £2.30 a litre.

2005 Fiesta 1.25 Timing Belt Change - A Few Pics

12 June 2015 - 06:41 PM

On Wednesday I changed a timing belt for a mate on a 2005 1.25 fiesta, so I thought I'd share a few pics and let others have a glimpse at some of what's involved.
It's a similar setup for a few engines in the zetec range.

It does require a timing locking kit, flywheel locking tool, pulley holding tool, torque wrench and a belt kit including new cam and crank pulley bolts. An angle gauge would be helpful but no essential, a little tipex on the crank bolt and pulley is easy to work out when it's turned 90 degrees.
I was using an impact wrench for most of the removal process but it's no essential.

I would strongly recommend changing the drive belts at this stage too as they need to come off anyway. Be aware that models without a tensioner fitted will have stretch belts. They can be fitted and removed without any special tools but if you have one it will help greatly.

Apologies for the pics being the wrong way, they forum has changed them around.

Police Dogs - Clive

12 December 2014 - 10:12 AM

I wonder if regular dogs see police dogs and think "oh crap it's the cops??"

Can you shed any light on this? :lol:

Weird Clutch Pedal/hydraulics

02 December 2014 - 05:35 PM

Evening all,
Here's one that's been baffling me and a mate for a while now. It's a 2004 focus 1.6 petrol. A good few months ago I changed a clutch and slave cylinder for him as a seal had burst inside the slave cylinder.
So I changed all three parts of the clutch, refitted the gearbox with new seals and fresh oil - All good, well it was for a few weeks.
So thinking the clutch maybe needed bleeding again I hooked up my pressure bleeder and pushed out a very small amount of air and let a good bit fluid pass. Everything seemed well again, good solid clutch pedal and no problems changing gear.
A couple of weeks passed and the pedal started doing the same thing again. So out with the pressure bleeder again, bled the system but no air this time but the pedal feels brand new again. ok, strange but its good. But this only lasted for another 2 weeks before the pedal went the same way. So I replaced the clutch master cylinder on the pedal (not knowing the age or condition I thought this could be suspect), again bled the system and the pedal is brilliant again.
Unfortunately the car went another 2 weeks before going the same way. My mate has put the pressure bleeder on the system for an hour with no loss of fluid or drop in pressure. But simply pressurising the reservoir returns the pedal to perfect working order again.
Really cant get my head round what is wrong here. Anyone any ideas or come across this before?