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Need A New Dmf - Unsure About Costs!

28 April 2013 - 10:34 AM

Hey all.
I think I need a new DMF.  It makes nasty noises at idle and very nasty noises if I just dab the clutch slightly with my toe.


A garage that is on the same site as a Ford dealer has given me a special discount for a new DMF, as a relative is a long term customer of his.

I have a price of £630 all in for a new genuine Ford parts DMF, with £170 extra for a clutch if I need one. 

The main Ford dealer wants £466 for the flywheel kit alone!

Is this a good price? 


I have heard I can get an LUK flywheel and clutch for far cheaper - £200 for the DMF and £120 for the clutch.