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In Topic: Halogen Bulbs For St

26 August 2014 - 01:40 PM

Hey new to all this forum was just wondering would you recommend them bulbs for my fiesta ST2? I want a bright white lights! Also where did you buy them from?

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They were Redline bulbs on ebay Smurphy..


Think you can go to Redline direct but i saw them in ebay first, pretty fast delivery too..  I'm going to get a full set once i sorted a faulty fog light unit, and one the previously used main beam H1 was broken. 

In Topic: New Zetec S

14 August 2014 - 02:35 PM



No I don't think I am going to use motorpoint anymore. 

No worries, Gateway is ok, but like anything, make sure you dot the i's and cross the t's.. 


It doesn't matter where it has come from as long as it's UK spec which the majority are.  They are usually just brought in through the channel islands for tax purposes.   


It's only personal imports which are not UK spec that you have to be careful about.


Some come from hire fleets it's true but that is not always a bad thing.  It doesn't mean they have all been thrashed.   My first Mondeo was ex hire but it was perfect.    You could buy a one owner car that's been around the nurburgring!    


The only car I would avoid is an ex driving tuition car but they are crafty because they often register them in private names and are difficult to detect.


Sorry, but it does matter.  I know someone who bought a car from Motorpoint, was assured after many calls to confirm where it came from and if it was registered here.  Only to find out after the V5 arrived, it wasn't!!   Yes it was a hire car, but being thrashed wasn't the point i was making here!?  it was only used for 4 months and 1000 miles, and was in excellent condition, like new!


But they had an awful time insuring it, checking it was UK spec etc, had a higher premium that wasn't a mere £50 higher, it was a lot more.!  Indeed some ex hire and fleet cars are all motorway miles, and they are great cars. Just coming from personal experience and pointing out things most people might overlook.  The v5 had none of the Co2 information and other info recorded on it, but what was annotated on the bottom front page that was a big pain, that's all i was highlighting. It affected the re sell too, so long term pointers! 

In Topic: Mountune Mp215 To A Standard St

14 August 2014 - 02:09 PM

Explained well.


I have person knowledge of his explanations having gone out for a blast with Tom when he had the mp215.  We did get the chance to both be in the right frame of mind when a car up front pulled off the road.  


I have to say i was able to stay with Tom better than i thought, even Tom was surprised. I like the sound mine makes stock, any more might sound a bit too, boy racer ish, for me.  Now i have had mine a couple weeks, been out with Tom read a few pointers.  I must say as i said to Tom, the cost of the Mountune for what you get does not grab me!  I'm in no hurry to upgrade, the margin gains are too small to warrant the £650 - £700 price tag.  I can hear the 'hiss' with windows up, as i am not listening to any music at the mo... The rasp from the exhaust along with the hiss is too infectious...  Big cheesy grin.


Yes will always be interesting to here others views, like yours Phil when its done.  

In Topic: My Son's Ordered A Fiesta St3

14 August 2014 - 01:41 PM

So my son has been to our local Ford dealer today and placed his order for a Frozen white ST3. He's got it on a 3 year options deal and is trading in his 57 reg Clio Sport 197.


We are now a dual Fiesta ST family, just my daughter to convert now (she wants a MK6 ST). They should look good on the drive together. Not certain on delivery date but that should be confirmed in the next couple of days.


We are already planning mods and I've told him he will have to sign up to FOC.


One question for any other ST3 owners is about puddle lights in the mirrors. Does it have these as the brochure is not very clear one bit says it does other that it doesn't? Dealer didn't think it had them so if anyone can clarify he'd be grateful.


Look out for pictures in a few weeks. 

Congrats to son Tom..


Yep Phil...  Puddle lights, folding mirrors, DDS, ambient lighting to death.. Mine has total closure, so sure other ST3's have too! Pretty much the same spec as a Titanium X but the centre head rest is optional which i got myself.  Think the Style pack is free at the mo too, heard that from Clarky.


As Alex said..  Red one next.. that would be a great pic, all in the same family too :D    Maybe upgrade from a mk6 to a new one.... Although i do really like the mk6.5 ST's...  Something about them!  

In Topic: New Zetec S

14 August 2014 - 01:36 PM

I have currently requested a quote from Gateway2Lease


Also found another cheap place called Motorpoint.


Watch Motorpoint, they are hit and miss...  Be VERY clear WHERE the car came from..  Most are from Jersey, Guernsey, IOM, ex hire cars, check they were UK registered first before going out to such places... This is most important as that affects insurance!  I know Ford will give you an additional discount if financed through Ford new, and not as much levy on used.


Ask yourself, how long will i own this.?  If you are thinking hmm, 3 odd years, then maybe go lease and options.  If you want to own this car a long time, go towards a poss part ex, and Ford acquire, you get money off for the part ex, ford deposit allowance, ford finance discount.. Ending up owning the car at the end as opposed to having a balance to pay.


Choice is yours, you seem to have a budget per month in hand, plus think about what car options you might add on either option.  APR is lower at the moment at 7.2%...  Was 7.9%.  I just did a quick quote for a 1.0T ZS metallic paint a few options, and acquire was a little more but you own the car in around the same time as doing by options but still having a GMFV of 6 and a half grand balance at the end.