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#408912 Changing Speakers On St

Posted by Torchwood on 12 September 2014 - 12:10 PM

When my ST3 arrived i took out the rear seats, rear quarter panels, no the mesh grills do not come off separately, and took the front door cards off.  What i did was buy the large roll of Dyno matt...


Where the rear speakers sit i covered the outer car body behind the speaker in dyno matt and all over... Stuck the fibre padding (supplied) to the lower body, then i sealed the rear part of the car with hollow fibre wadding, so the large space where the speaker is was sealed off to the rest of the space towards the back of the car to act as an enclosure.  I put a foam strip round the rear speakers and refitted it all.  I then fitted dyno matt to the flimsy metal panel that the rear speaker bolts to, and in the surrounding areas, leaving enough for the front speakers.


Then i removed the front door cards, sealed any holes from the inner black cover, and again fitted dyno matt behind the speaker position and over most of the door body.  Since the speaker sits on the black plastic cover this is adequate for insulation to the speaker.


Put it all back on and.... woooo!  Increased bass, no tin sound where the bass hz is lost through the metal!!  Since bass frequency is between 80-120hz it rattles the panels which absorb the sound which is what distortion is when it upsets the speaker.  I can now hear the rear speakers far better, high range is crisp, but its the mid range and lower range that is vastly improved i think.


My car now sounds A LOT better, ST 2 & 3 and Titanium's are fitted with the premium speakers with the Sony stereo pack, but the body is the same as any other fiesta.  When i met up with a fellow ST owner, i tapped on the rear quarter panels of my car to their car.  Theirs was hollow, tinny sounding, mine was dense, thick.  So not allowing the sound to escape.


Yes, get better speakers!  And do not use the OEM Wires but then that means after market head unit, and then you start losing integrated features from the car and slipping down that route of complete ICE, so i left mine alone!  Improve the insulation, its far cheaper for the benefits you get.


Hope that helps.. :D

#408894 The New St Has Arrived....

Posted by Torchwood on 12 September 2014 - 11:34 AM

I was on 17's on the zs so shouldn't be that much different, I'm young and should be able to cope with it anyway ;) Hahaa can't wait now.


Suspension is 15mm lower still, and it is all round a fair bit firmer then the ZS...  Oh you're going to have an injury when you get yours having not road tested!!!!!


From smiling too much, lol.   :D  :D  :D  :D

#397448 St Ride Firmness

Posted by Torchwood on 14 August 2014 - 01:14 PM

Sat in a Cup, and an old Clio sport..  Firm YES, unforgiving on your jewels..YES!  I could have sang the opera when i got back out the car if not for the pain. The ST is comfortable, I did an hour journey when i first got mine, i need cruise control for my battered Wayne Rainey type right knee, and with the curved seats too, the forward part of the bum really holds the underside of your legs right up to where they bend at the knees.  


Pity you are in Sussex, you could come sit in mine to put your woes to rest.. Ah good example there, the Abarth 500 is quite a stiff ride, Alison is right!  Been in one, too small, = small seats. The recaro's really do wrap around you, and there heated for the winter...  Bigger cheesy grin!!!


...oof 3 weeks!  Hmm, have you been to the doctors to help you along until then!  I did and mine prescribed Fiesta ST patience pills, he knew exactly what was wrong when i explained the symptoms...  Subconsciously grinning from ear to ear, holding an imaginary steering wheel in front of you whilst making barrr broom broom, barrrr noises, tilting your head from left to right as you sweep round imaginary corners, and sometimes all at the same time!


They did help me sleep... ;)  Although some nights i woke up sat up in bed with a reshaped pillow as a steering wheel,!! 

#397078 St Ride Firmness

Posted by Torchwood on 13 August 2014 - 02:29 PM

I don't even have a missus, so hey the ST is lighter....


It is firmer a fair bit then my ZS, i was concerned of the comfort levels, but had it 10 days now and......yea, i dont think about it, lol.  It doesn't bang around as if the struts are going to ping through the body, and there is no clanging.  Like all have said its soooo much fun in 2nd and 3rd, and the recaro seats do absorb a lot, you are wrapped in the drivers seat and whosh...  your off!!! Cheesy grin, cheesy grin, cheesy grin...  

#397075 Probably Crazy But...

Posted by Torchwood on 13 August 2014 - 02:21 PM

So, its £70 a month more, and another year on top.  Hmm, I don't know without knowing what they valued your ZS at what you paid for it, what the balance is at the end of the options?  It's down to simply answering, "can you afford it" and don't forget the insurance increase too if any..  Maybe consider a different plan to pay all the car off, i.e NOT Options?  


I would go onto Car Wow, if i had not been in the position i was in to change mine, i would have gone to car wow, 2 dealers did offer good prices on an ST3, if you're happy with the ST2 spec then you will save a bit more possibly but depends on deals on both at the mo!


Shop around, costs nothing to do that, be ruthless, it still a valid tactic.. Keep us posted!  ;)

#394361 Another Converted Zs'er

Posted by Torchwood on 05 August 2014 - 03:29 PM

My ZS in Candy blue was lush, I think it was the body kit and the black grill at the front...Did get mentioned a lot!


I know... Could not get the Red seats on the spirit blue! :angry: 

You know what, I nearly nearly went for the panther black, someone at the dealership said ooh get the panther black with those led drl's, and I really wanted the red interior, yes there are a lot of spirit blues, but 'not' where I live!!!  Have only seem 2 red ones, and the guy dealing with my order said through research that the coloured cars held better than the shaded colours like white n black...  Personally I would have had one of each.


But I gladly pass the honour of it to you, having panther black with the led drl's and the red interior.  Plus there is always the option to change the interior in mine later..


Do it... go Stealth fighter mode.... ha ha.. :D :D

#394342 Another Converted Zs'er

Posted by Torchwood on 05 August 2014 - 02:57 PM

Yep, I have been seduced by the dark side too.... 


Think I actually like the Spirit Blue more than the Candy blue...... :blink: :P

#394340 Time To Say Goodbye To My Zetec S.... And Hello To My.....

Posted by Torchwood on 05 August 2014 - 02:47 PM

Well, life had been pretty rough the last few months, and after talking to my dealers a few months back about it, I returned my 2013 Zetec S TDCI, and yes... 


Yep... You guessed it, brand spanking ST3!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D


Spirit Blue

Rear Parking Sensors

Centre Head Rest

Style pack


Eh, nothing else to fit to it!!


Oh my god....  The colour is amazing, after a quick polish and clean, it is just a joy to drive, and already noted a few additions I did not know about...  ST3's have total closure!!!!  Either use the fob or the door button for 3 seconds and they open as well as close which I thought was only the closure on this system.  Plus it also has some very nice ambient lighting in the roof each side of the interior light!


It also now reads my texts from my phone and the woman's voice on the Sync system sounds more......human!  Pronunciation is far better! Plus the deal I got on my old ZS and the amazing deal I got on the ST3 is just... Well, the less said the better!  But I cannot speak any more highly of Hendy Ford.

The insurance was no different, to what the annual was on my ZS, more pictures to follow later..

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#383594 Please Please Show Your Support For Wave 105 Cash For Kids Cycle Madagascar 2...

Posted by Torchwood on 08 July 2014 - 02:41 PM

Hello all Ford Owners Club members....


I have signed up to an amazing charity that helps local and UK children, and I will be cycling just under 500km across Madagascar in May 2015, for Wave 105 Cash For Kids Appeal.


Please show your support for a great childrens charity who are commited to providing support to local and UK children under the age of 18 who are physically, emotionally, financially and socially disadvantaged. Additionally they support many out reach  and drop in centre's who, without cash for kids, could not offer these invaluable services.  There is after all, one simple goal... To turn sadness into happiness, tears into laughter, and there is nothing better then the sound of a child's laughter, and many happy faces... Thank you!


This is by fat the biggest challenge I have undertaken to date, the last 6 months have been very tough on me, both personally and health wise.  Recovering from a serious operation in December, bed ridden for 2 months I lost over 13 kg and suffered muscle waste.  So to get me strong and fit again, I have committed myself to this challenge, I have pledged over £300 of my own money so far.  I cannot think of a better way to give up my spare time, then supporting Wave 105 Cash for Kids Appeal.


You can show your support in the following ways:




I can then forward the month every 2 weeks or every month on behalf of the Ford Owners Club Members, I can then use my details to gift aid donations for that extra amount!  And please leave your reply in this thread that you have done so, so I can add you to the list...


You can donate what ever you can spare direct to my Every day hero page too: https://cyclemadagas....com/uk/grant-1



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#299754 Interior Ambient Lighting

Posted by Torchwood on 26 October 2013 - 01:48 PM

Ok, cool.


I found some aftermarket stuff a little too bright, and oem easier to fit. B)  

#298178 Interior Ambient Lighting

Posted by Torchwood on 20 October 2013 - 07:02 PM

This is really odd because my ZS has all the Ambient lighting wiring, and i got the dealer to add the lights.


The glove box wire is just above the glovebox tucked in a proper blanking holder, the door card ambient wiring was a little more involved as that needed a loom made up and took 6 weeks for ford to make for me, and the wire for the lighting to come on and go off with the rest was easy to find.


The ambient light in front of gear stick in the centre console no longer exists for the mk7.5 models, so ford ordered a mk7 and i took a feed from the glovebox wire rather than splicing into this or cutting into that!!!


PLUS -  The ambient lights on all of them are really nice and bright!!!  I have noticed a number of ppl mention the glovebox one not being 'that' bright, but mine is.  I'm very pleased with it, and the door side ambient lights under the handles and in the door latches are great!!!  Looks awesome.... :D  :D

#284533 Zetec S Arrived Uk.

Posted by Torchwood on 23 August 2013 - 01:00 PM



Oh i remember that feeling, counting down the days, and then going there on the day seeing it sat there all prepped and registered..


First thing you do.... Take pictures!

Second thing you do... Go for a drive!

Third thing you do... Upload pictures here for us to all marvel over.......mmmm!!! (without fail!!!!!)

#283791 Colour Help!!

Posted by Torchwood on 20 August 2013 - 11:47 AM

Ordering my fiesta zetec S tomorrow and need help with colour! I'm thinking panther black but undecided on panther black, silver or nautical blue! Advice? 17 year old boy!

I would have gone for Nautical blue....  On a standard model its...not bad!  But on the Zetec S with the body kit, the big spoiler and all round sportier.... yep... I think it would look unique, different and very nice!! 

A small part of you will one day, regret getting a black or white one!  They are a nightmare to keep clean, and both show up chips and scratches more than any other colour!  Neighbour has a black car and she said she gave up caring for it after a few scratches appeared and just show up clearly against black, you wouldnt think it was a 61 plate car to look at it....

#283529 What Have You Done With Your Car Today?

Posted by Torchwood on 19 August 2013 - 12:48 PM

The stereo is blue as standard on the facelift however the zs doesn't have ambient lighting which is odd.


My ZS does...  Cupholder.... on the Doors and the dash! :P

#280835 What Have You Done With Your Car Today?

Posted by Torchwood on 08 August 2013 - 11:45 AM

Been busy the last few weeks, studying for the eltricians course exams...


But changed the orange indicator bulbs up front, LED side repeaters fitted.  Bright white LED side lights...


And car booked to go back in and have a wave of updates fitted...  Finally!!!  Taken ages for the parts to arrive!