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Please Please Show Your Support For Wave 105 Cash For Kids Cycle Madagascar 2015!

08 July 2014 - 02:41 PM

Hello all Ford Owners Club members....


I have signed up to an amazing charity that helps local and UK children, and I will be cycling just under 500km across Madagascar in May 2015, for Wave 105 Cash For Kids Appeal.


Please show your support for a great childrens charity who are commited to providing support to local and UK children under the age of 18 who are physically, emotionally, financially and socially disadvantaged. Additionally they support many out reach  and drop in centre's who, without cash for kids, could not offer these invaluable services.  There is after all, one simple goal... To turn sadness into happiness, tears into laughter, and there is nothing better then the sound of a child's laughter, and many happy faces... Thank you!


This is by fat the biggest challenge I have undertaken to date, the last 6 months have been very tough on me, both personally and health wise.  Recovering from a serious operation in December, bed ridden for 2 months I lost over 13 kg and suffered muscle waste.  So to get me strong and fit again, I have committed myself to this challenge, I have pledged over £300 of my own money so far.  I cannot think of a better way to give up my spare time, then supporting Wave 105 Cash for Kids Appeal.


You can show your support in the following ways:




I can then forward the month every 2 weeks or every month on behalf of the Ford Owners Club Members, I can then use my details to gift aid donations for that extra amount!  And please leave your reply in this thread that you have done so, so I can add you to the list...


You can donate what ever you can spare direct to my Every day hero page too: https://cyclemadagas....com/uk/grant-1



Hello!!!!! Been Ages Away!!!

24 May 2014 - 04:17 PM

Hey everyone,


Not been on here for a while, had a lot going on with a recent operation that went a bit wrong and subsequent ill health.  As a result things have changed some what life style wise and one of them was my lovely Candy Blue Zetec S TDCi is now up for sale.....   :cry: :cry: :( :(


Spec'd up like mad and probably the only Zetec S to have a Sony DAB Satellite Navigation and Sony 8 speaker upgrade system from the factory, in it. 


Plus I have a brand new Steering wheel I bought from the dealers with the Cruise Controls on it.  Was ordered from the Titanium X spec list so the wheel is thicker and more plush leather than even the Zetec S steering wheel, plus its got the ice blue illumination controls and the chrome effect (not silver) centre piece on it. 


Anyway, go to the Cars.. and Parts.. For Sale sections to find out more. Hoping to be at the Ford Fair 2014 in August, and depending what I go for next???????????????????????????????????


Anyhow, just wanted to politely put the word out on above, and come say hello.. 

Ford Testing A 138Bp Ecoboost Zetec S For 2014!!!

26 October 2013 - 06:14 PM

Hey all,


I have been doing some thinking and long term planning in the driving seat, and during this i read online and been told at a few dealers, that ford are currently testing a 138bp Ecoboost engine for 2014 Fiesta.  It will be an increase of 15 bp to keep competition with other makers in its class available for the Zetec S model.


Welcome news i say, i think Ford are worried that Renault and Peugeot etc will run away with the market and greater horses under the bonnet.  The gap between the ST and ZS is quite big and this will reduce that, and depending on the mpg figures will probably go ahead.   


What do you all think...  Has anyone else heard about this, it certainly has not been mentioned here from what i have searched.  I have no idea on gearbox selection i.e 5 or 6 gears, or if they will solely concentrate on the engine, or other areas..  Styling, interior or wheels etc.


I read that it may be available in january or march 2014.



2013 Fiesta Titanium Or Zetec - Pictures Of Front Door Wiring Loom Needed!

14 October 2013 - 01:19 PM



Has anyone taken off either of the front door covers and taken pictures of the wiring loom at the top where it all sits, up near the tweeter location!!




Would someone be able to do this for me, i just need good close up's and slightly further away pictures of the loom up near where the tweeter would sit in the door card/cover. The loom comes into the door as normal and then comes through the black under panel near the front and towards the top, it doesn't run along to much and there should be a connector plug near where the connector is for the tweeter plug and where the wires also go for the side mirror, i will put a photo up of the area i am talking about in a bit.


Any help would be very appreciated in solving a mystery!!