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Overtaking In Driving School Car

23 April 2012 - 03:15 PM

I have done more than 99% of my driving on the right. I learned to drive and passed the test in Gibraltar (drives on the right even though it's a British Overseas Territory) and driven a little in the U.K. but not much.

I'm coming to the U.K. for a week next month and have booked refresher lessons with a driving school because I lack confidence in driving on the left.

If the Instructor will let me I look forward to overtaking. This is going to be fun. The last thing any driver expects from a driving school car is to be overtaken :D

I can never remember seeing one do so. Has anyone ever been overtaken by a Driving School Car and, if so, what was your reaction?

Bluetooth Voice Control - Male Voice

19 April 2012 - 09:44 AM

This will sound extremely childish.

Every single bluetooth voice control I have seen demonstrated on You Tube has a female voice which repeats the instructions that you have just given it. I know a chap who has voice conrol and that's female too.

Is it possible to obtain a male voice version? As long is it is in English I don't mind what accent it comes back in - English, Scottish, American, Australian, etc., etc.

I have some road trips in mind with (male) friends. I could programme the voice control so instead of saying "Radio Gibraltar" I would say "Radio f..king Gib mate". I can picture them laughing their heads off. This doesn't work the same way with a female voice.

Greetings From Gibraltar

18 April 2012 - 09:23 AM

Hi New Member here.

I was born and bred in the U.K. but have been in Gibraltar for over 20 years. Contrary to what you might think Gib drives on the right although its a Commonwealth Country.

Many moons ago a mate and I used tio go up in the hills at weekends and we loved racing his old Fiesta Mk2 up hills in a gear too low. I passed the driving test a little later and another lad we knew, who was a motor mechanic knew of a Fiesta Mk2 for sale which I purchased. One gets to know motor mechanics when one drives in that manner lol.

I have had other cars - A Citroen, Seat, Corsa and Peugeot 206 purchased for good reasons e.g. through friends. In between that little collection was another Fiesta when I let me heart rule my head and kept too long. The money I spent on repaiirs would have been better spent on a newer car.

I presently have a Zetec S. I went to the Ford Dealer with a mechanic friend with the intention of looking at new or semi-new cars. We were also going to go the nearby Peugeot dealer. The Fiesta caught my eye. I looked at the other cars (Focus, Mondeo, ets.) but couldn't keep my eyes off that Blue Fiesta. Love at first sight. I said don't bother going to Peugeot :unsure:

I hope shortly to make Festa as I call him - coche = car is a masculine noun in Spanish - more sporty and am considering the Zetec S Leather Pack. I know it makes sense to have spent the money on a more sporty car but sense and cars don't always go together.

Fiestas are 100% fun.

To my mind automatic transmission on a Fiesta is an absolute ABOMINATION