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heating in the car

01 January 2009 - 08:02 PM

I have just purchased mondeo 01 reg (from fords lincoln) Ghia 2.0/ltr petrol manual but have the following problems.
1 I cannot get the heater to give really hot air from the blower even turning it up to max
2 it takes at least 20 mins for it to reach temp and thats in a garage all the time
3 When i do turn on the auto heat setting the gauge goes back to zero
4 I'm sure and according to the manual it should have heated seats the switch, where the switches should be has a been replaced with a a plug. but under the seats they have motors.
I have tried to get to the fuse box to see if there are any seat fuses but cannot get the glove compartment out in spite of following "how to " in the manual
Any idears would be welcome