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In Topic: 2002 (51 Plate) Maverick 2.0 Xlt, Where On Earth Do I Get Spares?!?

24 April 2012 - 02:09 PM

Hi, just a little history on this, hope it helps; Ford only sold the Mk 3 Maverick in the U.K between 2001 & 2003/4 & only in 2 engine options, 2.0l manual petrol 16v zetec & 3.0l auto petrol V6 (column change auto). It was/is still sold in the U.S.A as the Ford Escape & apart from different engines these years are exactly the same. A joint venture with Mazda they called theirs the Tribute & I believe also had a 2.3l engine option. Haynes don't do a workshop manual for this Maverick but code 36022 gets you the Ford Escape/Mazda Tribute 2001-2007 manual which is very useful. I haven't had any problems getting what spares I've needed to date, Halfords, Allparts, e-bay etc... have all been able to source them but sometimes need a steer in the right direction (this type of history helps). Also never had any issues with MoTs & garages being able to work on it. (Not tried main dealer). Had the cam belt & water pump replaced just after I bought it in Jan 2010. Tyres are the only thing I've found to be a bit contentious; to get the same size as the current 15" wheels have on them I only appeared to have one choice of Bridgestone, (through Tyreshopper) so I might be getting bigger wheels in future! Getting hold of accessories is more of an issue, such as bull bars, side steps etc... I sourced reasonably priced items from a company in the U.S, there are few U.K companies that stock such items. Ford prices are ridiculous & not just a Maverick issue, eg. they wanted £130 each for replacement front fog lights, I got some nice led angel eye fogs from e-bay from U.S for about £60 the pair & perfect fit! You can expect 30+mpg from the 2.0l depending on distances/towing/loads etc... it's only a 52 litre tank so around 330-360 from a tank full. As for the 2.0l being rare, I've seen quite a few in the 2+ yrs I've owned this one not so many of the 3.0l & I had a number to choose from when looking to buy...