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#261115 How To Install A Conical Air Filter To A Zetec S?

Posted by TomTom ZS on 18 May 2013 - 10:46 PM

Hope I'm not too late with posting this, but I'll be purchasing one of these soon for my ZS;


Seems a little bit cheaper than demontweeks etc. I'd like to get a new exhaust backbox too but I plan on keeping it looking standard, so will just go for a panel filter I reckon :) there is a simple mod you can do to get a bit more noise too, by 'de-restricting' your air-box where the panel filter sits in, by removing the resonator that sits in there. Unfortunately I haven't yet found a decent guide online to show how its done! If I find one I'll post it here :)

And to answer your other question, I have the same shape fiesta as you, mine is on a 56 plate (06/07) and as far as i'm aware it's known as the Mk6.5 (basically a slight facelift over the mk6, most noticeable alterations are the headlights and tail-lights). Hope that helps :)