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New Mk3.5 And Drl Law?

24 February 2015 - 10:14 PM

Um pardon my ignorance but... Did the new Focus that's just been released get type approved before the new laws came in or are Ford being lazy again and only installing them to higher spec models as they did with the MK3?


1.6 Tdci - Technical Service Bulletins For Turbo Failure?

11 November 2014 - 09:17 PM

Following the complete failure of my engine due to it running away in May due to what I presume was a complete failure of the turbo (i've read injector problems could also cause this???) I've tried to wrestle with my warranty company for them to fix it, to no avail.


As the car is on finance I'm trying to initiate a section 75/75a/sales of goods act case against the finance company and the dealer.


They have asked for evidence that the problem was inherent at time of purchase.


Googling a lot, the problem on these engines for the MK2 and MK2 facelift seems to be endless, and there has been a few places I've read that say that a Technical Service Bulletin was issued for this problem. I am now trying to source this so I can attach this with my other bits to initiate this case.


Can anyone point me in the right direction for this?




Break It Or Fix It?

18 August 2014 - 11:47 AM

Hi Guys,


Earlier this year as you probably know, I had a turbo seal failure on my MK2.5 Focus Diesel 1.6 TDCI resulting in engine runaway.


Thus far, the 3 year warranty has failed to fix this problem, and legally I can't afford to take them on and challenge them, and I have outstanding finance on the car I need to pay off.


What would you recommend I do?


Buy a second hand engine from eBay or someone who deals in engines and then sell her?


Or.. Break her into parts and try and recoup as much money as I can?


Ideas please?


Mk2 Mondeo Estate!

03 May 2014 - 02:59 PM

As some of you may have seen on the Focus forum my MK2.5 Focus is very broken after a seal blew in the turbo, and as of yet the warranty company have not paid out.


In the mean time I went and picked my self up a bit of a bargain.


A nice W Reg MK2 Mondeo Estate. 113,000 on the clock.


Body work has no dents in it, and paint work is in very good shape.

Alloys are immaculate, no curbing what so ever.


Looks like it's been serviced well, and has good a set of tires all round.



There is however one strange thing that I'm trying to get my head around... Acceleration.


I don't know if the clutch is shot, or the traction control is doing something but when I try and accelerate to over take, it just revs up and doesn't deliver full power to the wheels. Its fine if you gentally accelerate, but giving it the boot is another story. However, switched the traction control off, and I did notice a difference in response. The test will be later on the motorway however.

Any ideas on that one?


Only other things to look at is a CV gator, need to see if that's been done, along with a scored brake disk and brake pipes showing wear.


Extended Warranty Issues

23 April 2014 - 04:04 PM

Hi Guys,


A couple of weeks ago I posted about having my turbo fail on my Ford Focus MK2.5 2008, and the engine run away to the point it used its oil up and ceased.


I've been told by various mechanics and members of this forum that it was the result of the seals going in the turbo, resulting in engine oil getting into the turbo turbine and that oil being shoved back up into the combustion chamber causing the run away.


When I brought the car, I purchased an extended "PLAN A" warranty from the RAC, which and I quote covers "All mechanical components, and all electrical components", however it then states in the terms and conditions that excluded from this is "failures caused by build up of carbon deposits (including burnt valves)".


It also states, that I must, and again quoting "Keep the vehicle serviced and repaired, at a repairer authorised to service your make of vehicle according to the manufacturers service schedule and intervals for your particular make, age and type of vehicle. Services must be carried out within 30 days or 1,000 miles of the due date, which ever comes first. You must keep all receipts and invoices"


Which is now where I have run into a couple of problems.


  • I've sent all the service history I had in the first instance for the time period I have owned the car, however, I cannot find my service book (they already have one image of this, however now out of date. This was for another issue), and there was a missing piece which I cannot find within my boxes of paper due to me just moving house (great timing eh?) so I've asked my mechanic to send me a replacement invoice which has come in an typed electronic format as he normally manually hand writes them out, to which the warranty company have rejected it as being a legible format, and then on top of that not mentioned in the terms and conditions that the invoice has to be a physically printed, and demonstrate that it is a VAT invoice with appropriate logos to prove that they are an authorised servicer/repairer.
  • The garage, that I was recovered to by RAC recovery is an authorised RAC VAT registered garage (needs to be this or the original dealer 60 miles away) however, they have been instructed by the warranty company to send the turbo off for inspection by a company called "Universal Turbos" who have basically come back quoting the whole thing is coated in carbon, and soot, and have made a very bald claim without physically running engine about the Cat/DPF causing back pressure. I have attached the report for your inspection as well.

I am now stuck with what to do and where to go.


I currently have a courtesy car and the garage are starting to get itchy feet and want their car back, to which I am going to be charged for anyway as they cannot get the authorisation to fix my car, and I cannot afford the repair, and then on top of that I cannot afford a new car either and without a car I cannot get to work (this includes my day employment and my self employment as a DJ).


Any advice you guys may have will be much appreciated.


Thank you