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In Topic: Forscan Dtc Codes

Yesterday, 10:20 AM

The Focus MK2/MK2.5 does not have a bulb check system. LED bulbs can be installed without any problems.

If the puddle lamps are working correctly I would not bother about the DTC code.

The other stored DTC codes which did not re-appear after erasing the codes are old DTC codes which are not active at this time. The rain sensor communication fault is quite common. I have seen this a few times on diferent Focus MK2/MK2.5 models. My previous MK2 did also have this DTC code once in a while (about twice a year). Even installing a new rain sensor and a new GEM module/fuse box did not solve this problem. I suspect this DTC code is caused by a software bug.

In Topic: Aircon Pipes Disconnected On My Focus Mk2 2006 1.6

23 January 2015 - 08:45 PM

The dryer looks like a large thin silver coloured radiator and should sit in front of the main radiator. Yours appears to have gone AWOL.

The part on the picture is not the dryer. The parton the picture in front of the radiator is the condensor of the airconditioning system. The condensor is a heat exchanger which cools the gas formed coolant back to a liquid formed coolant.

The dryer is mounted more to the right side of the car below the headlight.

In Topic: Aircon Pipes Disconnected On My Focus Mk2 2006 1.6

23 January 2015 - 07:33 PM

These pipes should be connected to the dryer of the air conditioning system. On your pictures the dryer seems to be completely missing.


If the dryer is missing and the air conditioning system has been empty for some time the other parts of the system like the air conditioning compressor for example may also need to be changed. In your case the system needs to be complete before it can be pressure tested and a proper diagnosis can be made.

In Topic: Audio Update..

21 January 2015 - 05:38 PM

I checked the Ford Ecat parts catalog software and based on your VIN number your car should have the Bluetooth/Voicecontrol system with module part number CS7T-14D212-AG. The Ford Audio Update is not suitable for this type of module.

In Topic: Audio Update..

20 January 2015 - 06:32 PM

Hi JW1982
Any idea if this will work on my 2012/62 Plate Focus Tit with Sony DAB factory fit radio ?

The Ford Audio Update is only suitable for the early versions of the Focus MK3 which have the same Bluetooth/Voicecontrol module as the Focus MK2.5. The part number of this module is 8M5T-19C112-XX. On this type of module the Voice control language can not be changed.

Later versions of the Focus MK3 do have the same Bluetooth/Voicecontrol system but have a different type of Bluetooth/Voicecontrol module. The part number of this module is CS7T-14D212-XX. On this type of module the Voice control language can be changed by changing the vehicle language in the instrument cluster menu.

At a later time the Bluetooth/Voicecontrol system is superseded by the SYNC system. The SYNC system is a complete different system.

If your car has the first type of module you can perform the Ford Audio update. On the other modules the update will simply not work or an error will be shown on the display.