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#507169 Key Fob Battery +alert

Posted by JW1982 on 29 July 2015 - 12:42 PM

Only cars with Keyless Start (start button) will show a warning message on the display about low battery voltage of the key fob. This is because the key fob of a Keyless Start vehicle uses the battery to transmit the PATS signal. If the battery is empty on a keyless Start vehicle the car will no longer start (unless you use the emergency PATS chip inside the key fob).

Cars with normal remote central locking will not show a message about low battery voltage of the key fob.

#506823 Mk3 Wheels On Mk2

Posted by JW1982 on 28 July 2015 - 12:33 PM

The MK2/MK2.5 wheel nuts are different from the MK3/MK3.5 wheel nuts. You can not use the MK2/MK2.5 wheel nuts on the MK3/MK3.5 Wheels and vice versa. You have to use the correct type of wheel nuts for the type of Wheels you have.

A few years ago Ford decided to standardize the (technical) design of the wheels and wheel nuts to a global Ford standard. In technical documentation these new type of wheels and wheel nuts are called Global wheels and Global wheel nuts. Nowadays the Global wheels and wheel nuts are used on most different Ford models arround the word. The alloy Global wheels and wheel nuts can only be used together. The old allow wheel nuts can not be used on the new global wheels.

Early Focus MK3 models (produced before 11-05-2012) did have the new type global Wheels combined with the old design 1-piece (solid) wheel nuts. However this combination does not fit to most other Ford models.

#502318 Replace 6000cd With Sony Dab Hu, Wiring Query

Posted by JW1982 on 12 July 2015 - 06:09 PM

As far as I know the Sony DAB radio of the Focus MK2.5 does not have 2 Fakra antenna connectors. It should have a normal ISO connector for radio reception and a Fakra connector for DAB reception. I owned several Focus MK2.5 Sony DAB radio's and none of them did have 2 Fakra antenna connectors.

The Sony DAB radio of the Mondeo however does have 2 Fakra antenna connectors. The Mondeo version is technically different from the Focus version and is not compatible. The communication protocol of the radio is partly different. A Mondeo version of the Sony radio can not be diagnosed or configured on a Focus MK2/MK2.5. In some cases the radio shows a "Unconfigured Mode" message and does not functon correctly.

If you want to install the Sony radio anyway you have to use a ISO to Fakra adapter to connect the FM antenna. The DAB function needs a seperate DAB antenna. There are DAB splitters available which use the normal FM antenna for DAB reception but my experience is that these do not have a very strong reception. The reception of a seperate DAB antenna is much better.

#502052 Guide For Focus Mk2/mk2.5 C-Max/kuga ~Elm 327 Cable And Ff2 Program

Posted by JW1982 on 11 July 2015 - 02:23 PM

I was thinking about upgrading my HEC to enable a few extra features, which version should I go for?
My car is a UK spec 2008 Mk2.5 Focus CC 2.0 TDCI and these are the current HEC details:
Part#             8V4T-10849-HF
Hardware#         8V4T-14C226-AB
Strategy#         8V4T-14C026-AA
Calibration#      8V4T-14C088-AA
Software Version: 18.01.2008
Initial ROM:      230
I'm guessing I'd also need to upgrade the PCM too, which as I understand I can find the correct file at http://civil.iffc.ru...fig/pcm_frw.htm
--- Edit ---
My PCM details are
Part#             7M51-12A650-ATE
Software Version: v.6 (25.09.2006)
Firmware version: K7QBSE6
Module type:      SID83M
So I guess the correct firmware would be
Engine          | Module | Transmisson | File name   | Module Number   |
2.0L 136PS TDCi [/size]| SID83M [/size]| MT / [/size]MMT6   [/size]7M51ATE_TXT | 7M51-12A650-ATE |[/size]
Description                          | Release date |
DW10BTED4 [/size]C214/C307/S389 [/size]Stage4 aDPF |[/size] [/size]06/04/2009   |[/size]

Depending on the exact type of instrument cluster you could update to firmware version 511 or 512. These firmware versions were officially never used on the Focus MK2.5 (only on the Kuga) but will work fine. The ELMconfig program will only list the firmware versions that are suitable for your type of instrument cluster.

You PCM firmware is already one of the latest versions. There is only one newer version but you should only load this onto the PCM if you are 100% sure it is compatible.

Both the firmware update of the instrument cluster and the firmware update of the PCM require an ELM327 interface which supports a Baudrate of at least 115.200 Kbps. Personally I would advise to use an ELM327 interface which supports a Baudrate of 500.000 Kbps. If something goes wrong during the update proces the module in question (instrument cluster or PCM) can easily become bricked.

Personally I would only start updating if you have the skills and tools to get the car back running after something went wrong. Both the instrument cluster and the PCM contain a part of the PATS immobilizer system. If something goes wrong the car may be immobilized.

I experimented a lot with the firmware update procedure of ELMconfig (Focus MK2) and FoCCCus (Focus MK3). However I also own a few other Ford specific diagnostic systems which are capable to reprogram all possible modules. Next to this I also have some spare PCM's and instrument clusters to get the car back running in case something goes wrong. In my situation there is almost no risk.

#501975 Air Filter Help K&n E9289

Posted by JW1982 on 11 July 2015 - 06:51 AM

Yeah that's what I thought, bit pricey for what it is, however I'm still not sure if it will fit in my standard air box, I believe my focus is known as a mk2.5?

All Focus MK2/MK2.5 and MK3/MK3.5 versions with the round type air filter do have exactly the same air filter element. Only the bottom part of the airbox itself is different. This basically means that the K&N 57S-4000 kit or the K&N E-9289 filter element are compatible with all Focus MK2/MK2.5 and MK3/MK3.5 versions with the round type air filter.

#501558 Enable Auto-lock Doors On 2008 Focus Style

Posted by JW1982 on 09 July 2015 - 11:20 AM

On the Focus MK2/MK2.5 and MK3/MK3.5 the autolocking function can only be activated softwarematically using a suitable diagnostic system. Ford however does not support this function in Europe. In the European IDS (diagnostic) software the Autolocking function is greyed out and can not be selected.

The easiest way to activate the autolocking function on the Focus MK2/MK2.5 is by using a modified ELM327 interface and the free ELMconfig software.

#501332 Changing Steering Wheel - Can I Keep Airbag?

Posted by JW1982 on 08 July 2015 - 03:15 PM

The airbag is a seperate part which can be removed from the steering wheel without any problems.

Note that it is very important to buy the correct type of steering wheel. Next to the differences between the 3-spoke and 4-spoke steering wheels there are also differences between the Focus MK2/MK2.5 or C-max/Kuga. The steering wheels of the C-max and Kuga look identical to the Focus MK2/MK2.5 steering wheel from the outside but are internally different. A C-max/Kuga steering wheel does not fit to the Focus MK2/MK2.5 airbag (or vice versa).

#500666 Help With A Humiliating Horn?

Posted by JW1982 on 05 July 2015 - 03:45 PM

Which type of horn does the car originally have?

The lower spec versions of the focus MK1/MK1.5 did have a single horn. The higher spec versions did have a double horn. My experience is that the double horn is much louder than the single horn.

It is also possible that your car has the double horn and 1 of them is broken. In that case the horn has lost half of its original power.

#500593 Interchangeable Thermostat Housing

Posted by JW1982 on 05 July 2015 - 09:35 AM

PF-GF43 is not a Ford part number.

As an example a Ford part number should look like this:

8M5T-19c112-AS (in this case the part number belongs to a Bluetooth/Voicecontrol module).

#498585 Focus Mk 3.5 Led Flasher Unit Location Reqd...

Posted by JW1982 on 26 June 2015 - 04:54 PM

There are special CANbus LED bulbs with integrated resistors to prevent error messages and fast flashing of the indicators. However the integrated resistor on these lED bulbs usually becomes very hot which negatively affects the lifetime of the LED's.

Personally I prefer normal bulbs with a chrome/silver coating.

#498552 Focus Mk 3.5 Led Flasher Unit Location Reqd...

Posted by JW1982 on 26 June 2015 - 02:45 PM

This will not work on a Focus MK3/MK3.5.

The Focus MK3/MK3.5 does not have a changeable turn signal relay. On these cars the turn signal relay is fully integrated onto the circuit board of the BCM (Body Control Module). All of the (micro) relays integrated into the BCM are surface mounted (SMD) relays which are soldered directly onto the circuit board.

#495337 Guide For Focus Mk2/mk2.5 C-Max/kuga ~Elm 327 Cable And Ff2 Program

Posted by JW1982 on 14 June 2015 - 06:07 PM

Every Ford dealer should be able to update the firmware. The firmware files which are listed on the website of Civil-Z are the original Ford firmware files. These files can also be downloaded from the Motorcraft website free of charge.

The Shift-Light / ECO Shift-Light subject is quite complicated. It is only possible to have 1 of these functions. To have both functions together is not possible. All Focus MK2 and early MK2.5 versions did have a red Shift-Light which is activated approximately 500 RPM before the RPM limiter becomes active. All late Focus MK2.5 versions did have a green ECO Shift-Light.

The Shift-Light and ECO Shift-Light functions are both controlled by the PCM. However to be able to control this function both the PCM hardware and software (firmware) must support this function.

There are no technical differences between the instrument clusters with red or green shift light. Only the color of the LED is different. MY 2005 Focus MK2 did have the red Shift-Light which was fully functional. After I installed a 2010 Focus MK2.5instrument cluster with green Shift-Light this function was still functional. The green LED was activated approximately 500 RPM before the RPM limiter became active.

My experience is that there are both PCM hardware and software (firmware) version which do not support the Shift-Light functions. After I updated the PCM firmware to the latest version the Shift-Light did not function anymore. Apparently the latest firmware did not support this function. On the other hand my spare PCM did not support the Shift-Light function either. No matter what firmware was loaded into this PCM the Shift-Light function did never work.

Unfortunately there is no information about which hardware and software versions do or do not support the Shift-Light or ECO Shift-Light function.

The Focus MK2.5 instrument cluster can be installed into a Focus MK2 without any problems. Both instrument clusters are technically fully compatible. The only difference is the configuration of the instrument cluster. This basically means the new instrument cluster must be configured manually. This can be done with the ELMconfig software.

The PATS immobilizer system is partly integrated into the instrument cluster. This means that after installing a new instrument cluster the PATS system needs to be reprogrammed completely. This can only be done with a suitable Ford specific diagnostic system which has the ability to reprogram the Ford (CODED) PATS system.

At this time I reprogrammed dozens of Focus MK2/MK2.5 instrument clusters. If you want more information about this subject you could send me a personal message.

#495159 Guide For Focus Mk2/mk2.5 C-Max/kuga ~Elm 327 Cable And Ff2 Program

Posted by JW1982 on 14 June 2015 - 07:19 AM

Your current PCM firmware is E00DS4XD dated 23-05-2005. The latest firmware version available for your type of engine would be G0037SCA dated 18-12-2006.

All other newer firmware files are not suitable for your car because of technical differences.

Newer PCM firmware does not give you new or different features. The newer PCM firmware may have some improvements but this can not be checked because Ford does not release information about the changes of each firmware version. The latest firmware version is not necessarily the best firmware version for a specific type of engine. For example an improvement of fuel economy may let the engine run less smooth.

Updating the PCM firmware is not without risk. If the update goes wrong there is a big chance of bricking the PCM. You should only start updating the PCM if you know exactly what you are doing.

On my previous Focus MK2 I updated the PCM firmware several times using the ELMconfig software without any problems. However I also owned a spare PCM identical to the original PCM and I also have the diagnostic equipment to reprogram the PCM completely including the PATS system.

#490914 New Key Needed

Posted by JW1982 on 30 May 2015 - 06:59 AM

A lot of Ford mechanics or specialists are able to determine the key code by just looking at the key. If the key is too far worn to determine the correct key code the code can also be determined by opening a lock. The lock plates inside the lock have numbers and the key code can be determined by these numbers. However both reading the key and the lock plates require skills, knowledge and experience.

On the Focus MK1 you need 2 original working (programmed) keys to be able to program an additional key yourself by the procedure listed in the instruction manual. If you have just 1 key it is not possible to program an additional key yourself. In this case a new key can only be programmed to the PATS system of the car with a suitable diagnostic system which has the ability to program the Ford PATS system.

#490069 Sony Stereo - Usb

Posted by JW1982 on 27 May 2015 - 02:59 PM

The Focus MK2.5 Sony GEN 3 radio's do support USB. However the USB functionality is not integrated into the radio. The USB functionality requires the optional Ford Sound & Connect (Bluetooth/Voicecontrol with USB, Ipod and Bluetooth Audio support) system.