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my st24

04 January 2009 - 09:56 PM

guys, i have sorted the pics out now so they are visible!!! as you can see, she is sexy lol!!

view my st24 post a few below this to see pics and more details


03 January 2009 - 12:17 PM

hi all, im a newbie to this website, so firstly, helllllloooooo!!!!

anyone out there interested in my St24 saloon? it has a rattle on the engine, been there for about 6 months now, still pulls like it should. bodywork is spot on and the interior is virtually unmarked. i'd hate to see it go but im buying another st24, but a hatchback version for the dog, otherwise i'd have it repaired. its being diagnosed as a timing chain tensioner that has worn, NOT AN END THATS GONE. the chain will never snap or anything like that so it would definately be a good buy for a d.i.yer! its in metallic panther black too, looke lovely when polised up.

if you are interested, e-mail or text me. 07941 891880 davebuttery@blueyonder.co.uk.

car is in london, i'll e-mail pics if requested. cheers!!!!!!

looking for around the 400 mark ono