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03 January 2009 - 06:19 PM

hi all ive been a fast ford fan for a while, ive got a rs 1800, both seals need welding and other bits need doing to get the car up 2 scratch. i want to buy a xr2 fiesta and get the engine converted. the rs 1800 engine is sound with 95k on the clock... i just want some advice on if the conversion would be worth it!!!!!!!! can anyone help lol

hi, you need to take the power steering out an air con this will give you a bit more power to.get a xr2 top engine mount and trim a bit of it .but the zetec block has 4 holes and the xr2 has only 3 but only two of the holes line up so you could get it made to fit but i just put it on like that and it is fine you could just use the gear box uv got. but i have just used a 1.3 escort box. then just put the engine up in the car and bolt up the mounts thats the engine in.then you need a xr2 radiator and u just have to cut and join the hoses to fit, xr2 alternator and bracket you can just change the pully to the zetec one on the alternator an get a belt for a mk3 fiesta zetec with no air con and power steering, you can use the zetec manifold or just get a performance one.then comes the hard bit the wireing rather then cut in to the xr2 loom you can use the loom for the xr2i you just have to do all the inside of the car coz it is diffrent it takes a wee bit of time but well worth it very fast car