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C-Max 1.6T Ecoboost Tit-X Buying Advice

23 October 2014 - 09:08 PM

Hi all, 


I'm a Focus owner so feel a bit lost in this sub-forum, so be kind! 


Anyway, my mum is looking for a new car and has found a potential one she likes, now I'm just doing the good son bit of finding out if there are any bad bits she should know about. 


The car she is looking at is a MY2013 C-Max Titanium X, believed to have all the bells and whistles and is an ex-Ford Managers car. This being the 1.6T Ecoboost engine, seems to be packing a fairly pokey 182PS engine. 


Basically what I'm after are anythings she should know about ownership, little niggles or thing to look out for, or what to expect? 


Thanks in advance, will keep you all posted if she gets it.