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#189388 Mk 2.5 58 - Retrofit Bluetooth & Usb Questions

Posted by Safekidda on 27 June 2012 - 01:02 PM

By the way, to save somebody else some pain here's some other links I've found:

Bluetooth fitting guide: (thanks to DaveRushton)
USB fitting to glovebox guide
USB fitting to central console (armrest) guide:
With USB installed, updating stereo with ford software:

To remove the stereo there's some guides on youtube, and to remove the glovebox see the second link above, and to remove the light fitting, pull out the clear plastic face to get to the bulbs, then use a screwdriver to release the metal clip and pull the light fitting out, then you can undo two screws to pull out the plastic surround which has the microphone fitting in (this is of course if you have the correct light fitting with space to fit a mic).