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Ford Fiesta Zetec S Puma Conversion Not Running Right

15 May 2012 - 06:49 PM

hey people,

i bought a fiesta thats had a puma conversion (only the 1.4) took it back to my yard and it drove home fine on a 50 mile trip.
it was parked up for 2 weeks while i done the paintwork, and i bandages up the down pipe and tightened it as it was blowing. now when i drive it its over revving, and if i put my toe down its not gaining any speed and staying the around 4000 rpm..

i have changed coil pack and leads
egr valve
fuel filter
maf sensor seems to work
cleaned throttle body
cant find any air leaks

so now iv dis connected the manifold from the engine to see if the cat or down pipe is blocked, but its still running very rough when revved!!!

once i get driving as long as i down let the revs get too high and change gear at low revs it drives ok. but once upto speed in 5th, if its driving ok and i put my foot the the floor it willnot gain anymore power, but if i release the pedal a bit i can find the power again...........

please help!!