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26 May 2014 - 11:09 PM

Did you do the Dyno run with the bonnet up or down?


Bonnet down

In Topic: Steeda Uk Focus St Estate Demo Car

26 May 2014 - 04:44 PM

Here you can see our "Stealth issue" windscreen strip which I love. Its only visible when you take a close look!
As you can also see we wanted some dyno runs at an independent specialist to verify the CAIs effectiveness. Rememebr this was fitted with NO tune, to prove our "bolt on horsepower" claim.
Here it is strapped up ready for baseline stock runs
Perfect Touch, our dyno operators, run a Dastek dyno:
Here is a before after comparison overlay as you can see the Steeda CAI keeps breathing when the stock intake runs out of air strangling the power up top...
Stock peak highlighted...
Steeda CAI peak highlighted. You can see how much more curve it has up top... The dyno operators were very impressed, and had done multiple runs both stock and with the CAI.
Once the installs and dynos were done, off to a show! Up at Collins Performance for an ECO-Boost only open day...
Stay tuned for our next steps (clue, might involve" tuned" !!)

In Topic: Steeda Uk Focus St Estate Demo Car

26 May 2014 - 04:42 PM

Initial impressions.
A nice flexible "do everything car" sums up the Focus ST estate.
Stock setup:
Likes: Great seats, nice steering wheel, like the overall estate look and the stowage space. I personally really like the ST rear exhaust pipes too.
No so like: Gear shift is far too long, looking forward to Steeda upgrade. In cabin noise can be very harsh on some road surfaces, not sure if a tyre swap will help. Car was wheel spinning everywhere on the airfield. Upgrades should help as will 'driver' upgrade as I have to get used to FWD wheel spin! MPG so far achieved 30mpg over 2000 miles or so. Also not a fan of the "fake" symposer soundtrack. I don't mind the sound, but the fakeness bugs me.


Step one:


Some decals featuring the Steeda Sidewinder:



And to back things up, a little engine bay work.


Out came the stock intake:

While it was out, it was a great time to add some other essentials, mainly the Steeda short shift bracket....
This is a MUST if you like driving. instantly curing the stock "rowing boat" feel, and all for under £100! It's a mod you will appreciate EVERY time you drive the car.
STOCK bracket:
Steeda bracket installed: Steeda%20Shift%20bracket%20Installed-X2.
Once the shift bracket was installed, in went the Steeda CAI for some instant bolt on horsepower, and a much nicer looking engine bay:
We complimented this with a Steeda billet oil cap cover to dress the bay up a little too...