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MK1 cold morning starting problems

07 January 2009 - 09:10 AM

Firstly let me say hi to you all.

So heres the problem up until recently my '96 Mondeo started lovely and then the real cold weather hit in. As usual the car cranked fine but would not start and when it did it threw out clouds of diesel smelling smoke (Classic glowplug symptoms). I replaced all four plugs and checked that the bus bar had power all the way across. I woke the next morning to heavy frost expexting the car to be ok but again it gave me grief and only started when i swore at it lol. (Maybe this is the new cure for the problem). The glow plug light stays on for 5-6 seconds and i hear a click from the relay after about 11 seconds. As always once the car has started it spends the rest of the day as though nothing is wrong . Yesterday i changed the fuel filter as i will admit it has not been changed for a very long time and i did run a cooking oil mix through it when the prices went stupid and have also run a can of wynns cleaner through the system but now have to wait until tomorrow to see if this has helped (No it never). The new plugs were Wellman plugs that i'm advised are made by the same people that make beru so they should be ok:?:. Does anybody know of any other problems that may be causing this as i can't see that all four new plugs are useless. OH the car has 156,500 miles on it. This is the only trouble i'm having and the car runs fine otherwise. Any help on this matter is truly appreciated.