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In Topic: Tdci Owners Check Your Oil Levels Now

29 May 2012 - 10:53 PM

Re my last post, my wife took the Fiesta into English Ford in Poole, (I was working so could not attend) The technician asked my wife what the problem was, she related the storey about the diesel in oil warning light comming on. He asked to see the service book which my wife showed him, he asked why the car was serviced in March rather than in May when it was a year old. My wife explained that as part of the purchase with Evans Halshaw they serviced the car prior to us picking the car up.

They went to the car and the technician stated that "Ford use the diesel in oil warning light as a service light". He then said they have had this problem before and Ford are working on a master key to reset this. He then got into the car switched on the ignition and started to press the pedals, (clutch, brake, accelerator) at which point the fault light went out. he switched the ignition off then on again and the warning light remained out. He stated that if it was a diesel in oil fault, then the fault light would have come back on.

The Tech told my wife that as the car was serviced in March then the service (Fault) light would probably appear again next March but by then they should have this "master reset key" When she asked him about the high oil level he said "dont worry about it"

So there you have it, I have not heard anything like it , has anyone else had this "explanation " from a Ford dealer?

In Topic: Tdci Owners Check Your Oil Levels Now

20 May 2012 - 08:20 PM

New to this site but I found it while doing a search for "Diesel in oil warning light on a Ford Fiesta 1.4 TDI Titanium".
I purchased this car for my wife from Evans Halshaw in Preston and I live in Poole Dorset so there is not much chance of me taking it back to where I bought it. Anyway the car is an 11 plate with 6000 mls on the clock and Evans Halshaw serviced the car prior to us picking the car up in March this year. Tha car has been fine until yesterday when my wife reported to me that the Deisel in oil light was on. True enough the warning lamp was on I dipped the engine only to see that the oil level is about 1/2" above the full mark. Icalled ford assist who sent out the AA man who scratched his head and said "It will have to go into the dealers for them to sort it out" He had never seen this problem before. The car drives fine but I will get my wife to take it into Ford in Poole tomorrow to see what they say. I will get back and let you know the outcome. Incidently my wife is really hacked off, she had her last 1.4 petrol Fiesta for 10 years and it never broke down once.