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Knocking Feel / Noise Through Throttle Pedal

20 May 2012 - 06:26 PM

Can anyone help me identify a knocking noise that you can actually feel for just a few moments through the throttle pedal. It only really happens when you begin driving the car from a cold start, the knocking feel/noise appears to come from some sort of grinding that is transmitted through the pedal when you do a full left or right hand turn, immediately after starting and pulling away etc. After driving the car this noise doesn't appear to come back again until you cold start the car again, it occasionally happens again mid drive. Has anyone come across this before or can give me some sort of idea what it could be. I would be really greatful if you guys with more knowledge could give me some feedback. I have a 2009 Focus 1.8 tdci titanium model. Any more info, just ask. Thanks.