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Battery Was Flat Now Handbrake, Abs And Esp Lights Wont Go Off

04 June 2012 - 08:15 PM

2007 Ford Mondeo MK4
1.8 Zetec Diesel

I recently tried to start my car after it had been stood for a number of weeks, i do believe the radio had been used by my son though to listen to in the garden, to find the battery was flat.

After jump starting the car and leaving it to tick over for an hour i took it for a drive.

I now find that the ABS, ESP and handbrake lights wont go off on the dashboard.

I didnt notice any problems whilst driving it, am i safe to drive the car and is there any way i can reset the lights?

Im assuming i'll have to take it to a ford dealer for them to reset at great expense at the least?