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"slipping Auto Box" Ford Mondeo Mk3 Jacto Box

28 April 2013 - 11:56 AM

HI All 


After purchasing a ford mondeo (54 plate) with an 5 speed triptronic automatic box, all dose not seem to be going well. I have trawled through everything about the automatic 5 speed JACTO box on the net but they seem rarer than blue steak, and unfortunitly people knowing how to fix them without saying just put a new box in even rarer.


The problem is as follows.


normal driving seams fine changes up and down without issue. foot down it goes like stink. However travailing at 60mph on the motorway it will be 2K revs (no gear change) slight increase in throttle and the revs will increase to 2.5K (even jammed in 5th so no gear change)  and a boot full will instantaneously rise to 3K with a slight audible whistling noise under bonnet. which can get rather annoying. 


I have checked the following. 


box oil level - ok 

bottle of stop slip added - did nothing

checked all wiring and connectors seam ok. 

TC stall test 2,300rpm - I have been told this is correct and shows the box and TC is ok


from what I understand the issue seems to be the torque converter is not locking up but cannot find were the solonide is or if its electronic or vacume operated. (no vac pipes go to the gear box) getting rater stuck with this one if anybody has any Ideas i would be great full