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In Topic: Alloy Wheel Peeling Paint - Look Plastic To Me Any Thoughts?

11 February 2013 - 07:43 PM

The dealership is having the car in to refurb the wheel free of charge.

In Topic: Alloy Wheel Peeling Paint - Look Plastic To Me Any Thoughts?

04 February 2013 - 07:09 PM

Just to update.

Contacted the dealership today and sent the photos above. I was informed that the wheel are made of alloy, but they do paint them. The white you can see is the undercoat.

They are saying that there is a slight scuff to the wheel itself, and this has allowed all manner of things to get under the paint and the jet washing probably caused it to part company with the wheel. But I also pointed out that the paint was lifting from undamaged areas of the wheel of which they agreed.

They are meeting with there wheel refurb guy tomorrow and will show him the photographs, and if it can be refurbed they will collect the car and get it done, if not they will come to a compromise.

All in all a very civilised conversation and the dealership were not negating all responsibility.

Will let you know the outcome.

In Topic: Alloy Wheel Peeling Paint - Look Plastic To Me Any Thoughts?

03 February 2013 - 06:47 PM

Cheers Nathan, you are spot on. My titanium at the time was highly specced by ford, it had these wheels as an optional extra, so was the leather upholstery, lowered springs, Sony head unit, front and rear parking sensors etc all on an automatic.

In Topic: Alloy Wheel Peeling Paint - Look Plastic To Me Any Thoughts?

03 February 2013 - 02:57 PM

Hi thanks for your reply.

No I haven't contacted the garage yet but will be doing so in the morning.

This car was a Ford Motor Company owned car, I bought it when it was six months old through a Ford Motor Company owned dealership, not a franchise, and it is the same dealership which services it.

So if they have painted them I want to know why, and I bought this in good faith as being a straight car owned by ford. I agree it will need a refurb but I want them to pay or replace.

In Topic: Fuel Filler Flap Fallen Off - A Cautionary Tale Ford Wont Replace!

12 June 2012 - 09:14 PM

Thank you for all your support and positive replies. James my thoughts exactly what is to be classed a trim?

I have now contacted trading standards and quite surprised at their reply.

Basically company policy does not over rule the law of this land, company policy is a red herring. They state Under the sale of goods act 1979 that goods should be of satisfactory quality, fit for purpose intended and and last a reasonable amount of time.

The analogy they used if you asked "is it reasonable for a £2000 plasma telly to break after a 9 months, they'd probably say no, but it probably is for a 50p torch"

It is not reasonable for a £16000 car to have bits dropping off it after a short period of time, and it would be reasonable for the fuel filler flap lasts the life time of the car under normal operational circumstances, and you have not used it to tow a car with or used it to sit on:)

They also state that the onus is on Ford to prove that it was not down to poor design, faulty manufacture or that there is an inherent fault with the part and not me to prove otherwise.

As it is Fords policy I will be writing to Ford with all of the above and wait there reaction.

I will keep you updated and thanks for your comments.

Its such a friendly place to be, next post I hope will be more positive and I hope I can help other members or just get into the spirit of things instead of moaning. I will post a picture of my sons MK7, which is a standard 1.2 Style, which has had a really nice professional ly fitted body kit and alloy wheels fitted.