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In Topic: Warning Lights on S-Max

11 January 2009 - 08:26 PM


I received my S-Max from Ford Direct a week ago. I love the car so far except that over the last two days some worrying lights have appeared on the dash, intermittently.

The lights are the red circle with the exclamation light in the centre, with the 'brackets' around it. The manual says this means possible brake failure.

Then I get the amber 'ESP' 'car skidding' symbol lighting up in the oval panel at the top of the dash and also the amber 'ESP' symbol.

When these occur, I can pull to the roadside, turn the car on and off and they disappear for a while, only to appear again later on.

Does anyone know what this could all indicate?

I was under the impression that a car from Ford Direct was well maintained and had been thoroughly checked before being sold so I'm upset that I'm finding faults appear already, just eight days in.

Also, if these are brake problems then should I be driving the car at all? I spoke with the sales guy who sold me the car and he suggested I drive it back to the showroom (about 15 miles away); I asked him if he thought it was a good idea, the lights indicating a potential brake issue. He suggested Ford Direct roadside assistance could tow it to the garage - but is that appropriate? I really don't know. And of course, if I lose the car for a while I'll need a courtesy car or else I'll be stranded - so having the car towed back puts me in a difficult situation.

I really like the S-Max but I'm absolutely gutted about getting problems already. Makes me wonder if I've made a mistake buying a Ford again (had an old Mondeo years back that was terrible).

Can anyone suggest my best course of action?

I think I *can* switch it for another Ford Direct car within 30 days - except three days back my wife scratched one of the alloys slightly on a curb - so is it now invalid for the Ford Direct swap because of this? Problems, problems.



Just had this exact same problem, and its down to the abs module apparently and surprise surprise they dont have any abs modules in stock so im having to wait about a week before i get my s max back, appart from that i love my s max and cant wait to get it back.