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Remote Key Fob Disarm

12 January 2015 - 10:03 AM

Any ideas....


My remote key fob works great from a distance, like 5-20 metres, but close up it's a right pain to get the central locking/alarm to disarm.

Standing next to the car, I can walk all the way around it and keep pressing the button and it won't open, but walk away from the car again and once I get a few metres away it will open.


It's very annoying! Battery has been replace.


Is there like and aerial or something on the control box that receives the signal?




Delay In Revs Coming In, Easy Stall - 2006 Tdci

10 March 2014 - 01:23 PM



I have what is really just an annoyance at the moment, but wondering if anyone knows what might be causing it as it would be nice to resolve!


I have an early 2006 1.8 TDCi, and the problem is that when I pull up at a junction (for example) and then go to pull away after being stationery for a few seconds, the engine does not react to the accelerator peddle being pressed and I nearly stall. Prime example would be when I pull up, stop and then someone immediately flashes to let me out, I press the accelerator and start letting the clutch out and there's no more revs than tickover, so I have to wait a couple of seconds and then the revs kick in.


If I have been stationery for say 10 seconds it will be fine, so it's only when I have just stopped and literally go to pull away again.


Not seeing any other issues except for a flattish spot around 1500-1700 rpm where it feels a bit hesitant and jerky at times, but I suspect this is roughly where the turbo kicks in.


Mileage is around 75,000.


Any thoughts?