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Non Start - Intermittent Problem Mk2.5

09 March 2014 - 04:25 PM

Hi, called the RAC out today after having driven around all morning no probs but motor suddenly failed to start on the way home.

RAC fixed the problem by disconnecting my battery and reconnecting it, but couldn't figure out the root cause and suggested I ask Ford. Thought I'd come here first :D

It's an mk2.5 08 plate Focus and basically turning the key to ignition 2 doesn't start the engine. The oil and battery lights stay on. Underneath the bonnet there is a buzzing noise. Apparently this should stop after a couple of seconds but intermittently it stays on causing the problem.

RAC wrote on the report:

Non start. Not cranking. Batt volt 12.47. Tested good battery, buzzing noise from engine bay when keys removed. Carried out battery disconnect. Vehicle started fine. Suspect module lock up. Advise to garage for investigation. Oil level on.

Does anyone know what might be causing this? Apparently it could have drained the battery I had replaced a couple of months ago as well but I may have caught it in time this time around...

Paintwork Damaged

23 September 2013 - 07:51 PM

Came back home from work Friday night and discovered something had hit the side of my Focus. Looked far worse than it turned out to be at first: seems to have been a big tyre so probably lorry/truck etc squeezing past when they should have waited as there was like a film of rubber which I managed to rub off.


However, underneath the paintwork is badly scuffed and scratched along the driver side wheel arch, and I have a long scratch on the driver's door. Bit of a dent as well in the wheel arch but nothing massive. I thought I'd try Autoglym paint restorer so bought some of that on Saturday, washed the car, dried it off, gave the paint restorer a go, and it did improve a bit but there's still a lot of scuffing/scratches left (finished it all off with a coat of the high gloss after I couldn't get any more improvement).


Any ideas on what to do with this? Am I looking at a massively expensive respray job? Picture as attachment for an idea of how bad it is.

Bumper Respray Vs Touchup

09 September 2013 - 02:19 PM

I managed to drive into a high kerb at a parking bay and have a smallintermittent scratch running along the very bottom of the front bumperof my MK2.5 focus. Took it in for a look and was told the existing paint job on the bumper was terrible (and I confirmed), covered with pit marks and grit so obviously done in a rush and not left to dry.
Apparently some overspray as well but I couldn't see it. Was quoted £300 for a complete prep and respray for the bumper.

Or, I could touch up the scratch myself.


I'm not fussy but the idea has been to keep it as pristine as possible for resale. Any thoughts on what's best? Touch up or complete respray? Would a buyer inc. dealer/garage even know if it was a poor job to begin with?


If I had the bumper resprayed wouldn't the rest of the paintwork then look different/worse in comparison?

Washer Problem (Mk2.5 2008 08 Plate)

04 August 2013 - 09:57 AM

Car is an 08 plate MK2.5 focus. I noticed a few days ago that the front washers weren't pumping out screenwash as strongly as usual - it's more of a weak dribble!. Today I noticed that the rear washer isn't working at all.


I've removed the front two washer heads and used a pin to check for blockage, and also detatched the connecting pipe and sucked this to check for a blockage in the pipe, and they're all fine. Haven't checked the rear washer head - not sure how I get to it or remove it.


I can hear the pump working, and the wipers are working so I know it's not a fuse problem. But, does this sound like the pump is the problem?