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Ford Fiesta Mk5 Heaters Stuck On Hot Please Help

21 June 2012 - 11:08 PM

I bought my 2000 reg ford fiesta 4 days ago now. The heaters are stuck on hot.
I have replaced the heating control valve and i got a replacement control panel thats in the car, that you use to control the heating system. I replaced them both today and i still have the same problem.

I have also cleaned the contacts up on the plugs, incase anything had got inside them.

i dont have air conditioning. Its a simple hot/cold system

Also the previous owner had decided to cut the wire to the heater control valve (hcv) and connect the power source up to the battery, this made the blowers cold ( i assume they did this so they didnt bake). I had taken it to my mechanic and he said it may have caused a fire as the hcv would of had two much power going to it. He connected back up to the original wires, and this made the blowers blow hot. He said either part would need replacing so i replaced both. those being the hcv and the control pannel.