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In Topic: Introducing Titan.. Reverse Park Camera Added!!

25 June 2015 - 02:26 AM

Sorry bud im not a fan of the fins,there is an actual spoiler they make that fits the boot where the washer jet is,it's way cool but about 300 quid

Fair doos

I'm not a fan of putting an ST badge on car that isn't an ST

In Topic: Introducing Titan.. Reverse Park Camera Added!!

24 June 2015 - 11:19 PM

Due to having a baby on the way, starting a new job and having 6months rent to pay up front next month it has been very slow on the mod front to the point of being none existent. To make it worse, the front end damage is still there.

I have attempted to get a few small mods out of the way but it didn't go well.

First I wrapped the interior parts in carbon vinyl using the last bit I had left, actually went really well


Attached File  20150603_205121_resized.jpg   181.65KB   18 downloads

Attached File  20150603_205154_resized.jpg   160.85KB   18 downloads


However I immediately thought it just looked pants and considering its supposed to be the 4D stuff it just looks flat and unconvincing. Also as soon as the slightest bit of sun got to it, it bubbled right up no matter how good I stuck it down.


Attached File  20150605_195518_resized.jpg   107.83KB   17 downloads


That was the deciding factor so I immediately ripped it all straight back off meaning I completely wasted the hours it took to apply it the previous night.




Next attempted mod was a sun strip, not just because it will add to the stealth but because I've been getting blinded to hell driving to/from work sunglasses or no sunglasses, so to make the job easier I purchased a pre cut strip from ebay that's allegedly precision cut specifically for the mondeo mk4...


Placed it on the windscreen and immediately discovered it is completely the wrong shape, size and does not even reach across the windscreen.


Attached File  20150618_063748_resized_1.jpg   97.31KB   20 downloads


So that's 16quid wasted and I need to get a refund. Not happy at all and I'm still being blinded.




One of the next mods I will be carrying out is fitting bonnet vents as I think the just have to be done on a car like this and currently trying to decide between RS and XKR vents.


While mooching for vents I stumbled across The Finn. Made a cheeky offer and paid less than the asking price. Seen a load of Evo's and Impressa's  with em, always liked the look and think it butches up the rear end a bit more and makes it meaner in a subtle way.


Had to duck tape a tape measure across the back end to get the spacing of em perfect


Attached File  20150624_094636_resized.jpg   92.06KB   20 downloads


Took a load of photos. What are peoples opinions? Missus doesn't like them..


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Think they will really compliment the bonnet vents once fitted as well as when I finally repair the front end and stealth it all out.



Lastly, not really a mod but I saw this this and just had to get it


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Nuff said :)

In Topic: Ford Mondeo Titanium X Sport Reg:2012 (61) - Wind Deflectors

23 June 2015 - 06:25 PM

Ive got the heko's on my mondeo txs and can confirm there is no issue with powerfold

In Topic: St Wheels On My Focus Mk1 Catch Slightly On Full Lock

20 June 2015 - 11:24 AM

If its of interest I have a rack limiting kit for sale, brand new still unopened as I never got round to using it on my focus

In Topic: Leather Seat Covers, Any Good?

18 June 2015 - 06:05 PM

I think it was member haz83 that purchased some leather seat covers and they was spot on. They was around a few hundred pound a set so far from cheap but they was tailor made and to look at them you wouldnt of known they was covers. Very premium indeed