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In Topic: Best Way To Wire In Reverse Camera?

Yesterday, 03:03 PM

Is there a way of removing the clips so the conduit can be put back on properly and then popping the clips back in?

I tried taping the plug of the video cable to a section of wire coat hanger, thread the coat hanger through relatively with ease then used it to pull the plug through.

Except it was very very tight n plug got jammed half way through the conduit and pulled away from the hanger.

Had to pull the video cable back out the way it went in n lost my patience with it. Simply hacked off the plug, pulled through the beheaded cable streamlined cable n spliced back on the plug once it was in the car

In Topic: Mk4 Fog Light Removal??

Yesterday, 03:39 AM

after a faff i managed to change the driverside bulb but gave up on trying to do the passenger as its way to fiddly trying to thread a ratchet extension bar up the hole to feel for the screw


when i finally get a dry day i'm gonna park on a high kerb and stick my head underneath so i can actually see what i'm doing

In Topic: 2015 Zetec S Or Titanium X

Yesterday, 03:36 AM

go for the titanium x for the gadgets


then if possible, source and fit the zs bodykit later yourself


would be a lot easier to get a car with the gadgets and fit a body kit to it than buy a car with the body kit and attempt wiring in the gadgets

In Topic: Best Way To Wire In Reverse Camera?

Yesterday, 03:33 AM

made a discovery into why i couldnt get the reverse camera to turn on in reverse gear..


turned out i was tapping into the wrong wire..


after reading numerous posts around the forum and other forums i was led to believe that the reverse light wire was green, turns out this is the fog light wire.. hence the screen turning on with the fogs and not when selecting reverse


i then tried tapping into what looked like a green/white wire.. wrong again.. this is the side lights..


by process of elimination it turns out the reverse light wire colour is actually black/white


I tapped into this an hey presto the screen now turns on when in reverse gear



now that i finally deduced how to get the camera working i started the faff of routing the video wire from the outside of the tail gate to the inside of the tail gate, through the conduit into the car to the front of the car


all cabling is now in place where it should be so now all thats left to do tomorrow is put the monitor in place where its going to live


oh and reattach the conduit onto the plastic clippy things as by the time i tried doing it it was night and i was trying to do it by torch light. got fed up and abandoned it

In Topic: Best Way To Wire In Reverse Camera?

25 February 2015 - 03:39 AM

I dont think i'm gonna go down the relay route. dont like the idea of it getting hot and i just dont think its needed


had a test run of wiring in the camera tonight


first i tried wiring both the live from the camera and the live from the monitor to the reverse light live, this didnt work amd just resulted in a blank screen


then i tried wiring the live from the camera to the reverse light live, and used the rear fog light live for the monitor


i turned the rear fogs on, and magically the the monitor turned on


however, when i put it in reverse gear, the monitor turned off


so it appears the camera is functioning in reverse of how it should


saying that.. does putting it in reverse gear turn the rear fogs off? as i'm sure they went out. so that explains why the camera went off


i still need to suss out a way of having it so the monitor only comes on when in reverse gear though


why would i not be able to have both the camera and the monitor connected to the reverse light?