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In Topic: What Engine? Advice

03 November 2014 - 12:06 AM

would most probably go for the 2.0


wouldnt mind the 1.8 but yes i'd have to remap it


would love to go for the 2.2 but i dont think my current insurer would allow it. i once asked them to quote me on a focus st and they said to be able to quote me they'd of needed me to have driven a car of 150hp for a year. the 2.2 is a 175hp so im assuming the same rule will apply in that they'd of wanted me to have already owned something of 150hp or above for a year.


so the 140hp 2.0 may be the way to go



can any titanium x owners tell me anything about the spec? what little features does it have? does it have submarine lighting for example? i'm assuming they all have eletric windoows, auto wipers n headlights?

In Topic: Strange Indicator Problem. Please Help Asap

02 November 2014 - 11:41 PM

this problem has now been resolved, after all the faff i had the previous night in the rain using my torch for light, the next morning i had another look at it


the passenger headlight had shorted some how and one of the pins on the headlight connector block had some melted plastc clogging it up some how


i scraped this out with a screwdriver, plugged the headlight back in and to my delight the lights now all worked as they should


god knows how it managed to short out and after all the faff it turned out to be quite easy to reseolve


cheers for all the help fellas

In Topic: Strange Indicator Problem. Please Help Asap

28 October 2014 - 11:20 PM

Been out in the dark under the bonnet again

Had the headlight back out and there doesn't seem to be any loose pins in back of the headlight

I thought maybe my splicing from when I wired in the mirror indicators may have wiggled loose so I hacked open all the fabric and electrical tape but nope it was still secure and fine.

I cut apart the splice anyway so that the mirror indicator was not connected at all and tested it. The indicator in the headlight still illuminated dimly even when there was no power going to the wing indicator. I then re spliced or back together sand taped back up.

I tried to trace the earth wire from the headlight to try and see where our was earthed to but it disappears into a conduit and down under the engine somewhere.

I'm at a loss as what to do.

If I acquired a volt meter or whatever it is what do I actually do with it

In Topic: Strange Indicator Problem. Please Help Asap

28 October 2014 - 07:33 PM

Is it likely to be earthed locally under the bonnet or hidden away in the wing panel somewhere?

In Topic: Strange Indicator Problem. Please Help Asap

28 October 2014 - 06:11 PM

Just been outside in rain to change all headlight high/low beam bulbs in both sides to check that none of the bulbs are simply on the way out. They aren't.

Also noticed that as I turn the high beams on, both the dim dipped and high beam bulbs immediately go out on the passenger side, but the dim indicator bulb gets brighter at the same time.

Have also noticed that the rear led tail lights are affected in the sense that the passenger indicator flashes more rapidly with the front indicators.

Stupid question but assuming it is a bad earth, what exactly do I do to fix it?