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In Topic: Rear Footwell Lighting Problem.. Help?

Today, 12:32 AM

IDE have put the illuminated ignition ring into the mondeo and run the rear footwell lights from there far easier that way they will work normally or wait till you can and just run them from the footwell directly to the light as you've done doesn't work no idea why

Cant fit the illuminated ignition ring as the mondeo has keyless start so theres no ignition barrel to fit it to.

It was thinking about the how the ignition barrel illumination wires in that made me wire it in this way as I remembered it comes with a loom that you tap into the courtesy light feed with.

Wont be attmpting wiring into the footwells again as the wiring really is inaccessable

In Topic: Quick Bulb Question

Yesterday, 05:32 PM

What bulb fitment is the tail lights? ie not the fog/reverse lights

The manual doesnt seem to say. Just says the fog/reverse/indicator fitments. I've already swapped the reverse lights for cree, have ordered cree fog light bulbs which are on the way.

I'm gonna order some led/cree indicators once I decide on the style.

Now I'm just trying to suss out the standard tail light fitment so that I can order these too

In Topic: Dirty Diesels - Dispatches

27 January 2015 - 08:15 AM

i must say i have always said i am a petrol head and that i wouldn't go for a diesel


but times change and with my job i wrack up a lot of miles and spent several hours on the motorways/a roads


it's only when i'm at home that i do any local driving visiting family/doing the shop run to tesco etc in between working


this is why my new car had to be a diesel as i know they last a lot longer and can do a lot more miles i their lifetimes over petrols so i bit the bullet and trumped for a beast of a diesel


if i was only going to do local driving with no local commutes then obviously i'd of stuck with petrol as diesels arent made for that kind of driving


but now that i've took the plunge and gone for diesel i hear how bad they can be for the environment and can cause cancer and all the charges that could be imposed to wean people off diesels after the years and years of weaning people onto them

In Topic: We Buy Any Car

27 January 2015 - 02:50 AM

They quoted me just under a grand for my mk2 focus ghia. Its easily worth 1800-2000 at least. God knows what theyd then knock it down to on inspection. Probably say theyd give me 200quid for it. The new clutch its just had cost twice that. Or better yet theyed want me to pay them to take it away.

Also got a quote on my new car. Said theyd give me 5grand for it. Its worth 8 and a half

In Topic: Build You Own 3D Printer

24 January 2015 - 07:06 PM

Thats mad that i hear other members talk about the real robots magazine. Was actually sat her3 reading the thread wondering if anyone got it back then. I also was duped by it.

First and last magazine i ever started getting where im waiting every week for parts paying about 5 times its worth.

Luckily i stopped about 8 issues in and promptly binned it. What was it actually like when complete? How many years ago was it?