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Urgent Dpf Question. Please Help

18 November 2015 - 05:02 AM

Howdy folks


Been away for a long time and I will update the forum as to why and whats happened the last few months to cause my disappearance in due course.



For now though I have an issue with the mondeo that needs urgent attention.



Please can anyone help in locating the sensor for the dpf on a 2.2 mondeo titanium x sport 58 plate.



Car has gone into limp mode, eml is illuminated, cannot rev past 3000rpm


Done a diagnostic using forscan and it has given me fault code P2463, relating to soot accumilation


Thing is I have been carrying out a monthly forced static dpf regen, again using forscan which always works so I do not believe the fault has just pinged up out of nowhere and magically filled with soot.



Also, the code and fault was not there this morning and only occurred after taking the car to a dealers for an unrelated issue, to have a split intercooler hose replaced.



Theyve replaced the hose and fixed that fault but now all of a sudden I have a new bigger fault and they seemed pretty adamant to keep the car in, when I said no, they was very adamant to get me to book in for another day and I had to say no numerous times.


It all seems to fishy to me and I detect foul play on their part to create more work for themselves.



I limped the car home, attempted to do a forced regen using forscan but now all of a sudden it will not work and I keep getting error messages. Or it will say in the data feed that the regen was interrupted because I pressed the accelerator or the clutch or the brake or numerous other things when I did nothing of the sort.



It is as if forscan is suddenly no longer able to communicate with the dpf and I suspect the dealer has done something dodgy, possibly messed with the sensor to prevent me from trying to force a regen myself and to force me into taking it back to them.



Speedy responses would be greatly appreciated

Bumper Removal

18 August 2015 - 09:53 AM

Could anyone advice on how exatcly to remove a mk4 front bumper please.

Finally got one but for the new bumper to go on the old one needs to come off.

Also, what is the best adhesive foam tape around that will hold on a front lip, rather than sealemt etc

Tyre Monitor Malfunction

03 July 2015 - 05:34 PM

The other day a warning message pinged up on convers+ saying Tyre monitor malfunction. The tyre pressures still seem to be reading correctly but I can not get rid of the message and it's getting annoying bonging up eveytime I get in the car.

Probably a silly question but where exactly is the tyre monitor so that I can investigate?

What could I do in terms of rectifying it?

Engine Light Is On. Advice?

02 July 2015 - 06:00 AM

Driving to work last night in the silly heat, few minutes from destination and I notice the EML ping up


Have started the car a few times since but it isn't clearing so something is being a mischeif


Could it just be something related to the extreme weather playing up a sensor or could it be something more severe?



I'm shortly gonna hook the car up the the laptop and do a forscan to see if there are any codes but is there any common problems I should look out for?


Car is a 2.2tdci mk4 titanium x sport 78k on clock and on a 58 plate

Curious Keyfree Question

26 May 2015 - 07:47 AM

My mk4 mondeo has keyless entry/start so therefor my key doesnt need to leave my pocket to start and drive the car.

I can also start the car, get out of the car and walk a distance away with the key still in my pocket and the engine still running.

My question is, if I was to get out the car, engine running, and some toe ragg jumped in my car and drove off, how far would they get?

Would they be able to freely drive off and I wouldn't see my car again?

Or would what I would hope would happen and the car would detect the key was not actually inside of it and some how shut itself down after a certain distance so I could run after the toe ragg and drag him out?