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Best Way To Remove Tiger Seal??

08 April 2015 - 10:33 PM

I've finally finished putting the old focus completely back to stock and removed all mods


All that is left to do is some how remove the god forsaken tiger seal that was holding the body kit on


Everyone has suggested petrol, but after scrubbing away at it for a good while, the petrol didn't seem to do anything apart from send my head a bit funny


I can painstakingly shave the tigerseal off with a stanley blade but obviously I have to be very very careful not to shave it too close to the body work or I'll just scratch the hell outa the paintwork underneath


So I need a way of some how getting off the remnants that I cant shave off with a blade



Any suggestions?

Minor Rtc Advice Needed

07 April 2015 - 11:05 PM

I've not had a good day today...


Because of the bank holiday, today was the earliest opportunity I had to go and get my rear springs replaced by my mechanic after they broke last week..


So I'm driving down the A42 from Nottingham heading towards Birmingham/Reditch and I pull back into the inside lane when about a 100yards maybe ahead I see something kicked up off the road surface and come flying at me at speed and hit me with a loud bang while I was traveling at 70mph.


No time to swerve or attempt to avoid it as it happened very quickly. Thought what the #### and pulled into the closest safe place being a lay-by a 100yards or so up.


Got out of the car to have a look at the front end to see this


Attached File  20150407_134500_resized.jpg   113.84KB   37 downloads


My fog housing hanging out and a nasty big gash in my bumper


Also in the lay-by was a young couple in an MX5 or similar and they called me over.


Turns out they had narrowly avoided an accident with the same flying object and said it appeared to be a long plank or 2x4 wood or similar.


They told me how they had just about managed to swerve it while it was on the road surface and quickly pulled in the lay-by to phone the authorities/relevant party to tell them there's some debris dangerously in the lane and needs to be retrieved as it's going to cause an accident..


Unfortunately for me a lorry appeared to have went over it and kicked it up in the air so that it came flying at me.


I can't help but think if it had hit me a foot higher, at the speed and force it came at me it would have been straight through my windscreen and I wouldn't be here typing this post.


Also if it had of hit the MX5 they would definitely be brown bread as it is a lot lower down than my mondeo so it would of hit them smack in the windscreen and to make it worse they had the convertible top down.


The young chap who phoned it in gave me his name and phone number in case I need him to be a witness in any claim I need to make and he gave me some sort of reference number 282 that he was given when he phoned up. 282 doesn't sound much of a reference number though and I'm not sure what it means?


He also advised I phone the police to report it and get a number for my incident


After phoning 101, getting bounced to the switchboard, then to Warwickshire police then to Leicester and having to explain what happened 4 times, I was in the end told nothing could be done over the phone as no one was hurt and it was only an accident and not a crime or anything.


I was advised to walk into my local station to give a statement and get a log number that way, I intend to do that tomorrow.



My issue now is I have a gaping big hole the front bumper of my new car that I've only had 4 months, my warranty ran out last month (not that I could claim on it anyway) and I some how need to repair it.


My options are;

-Phone insurance up, which will most likely rape my premium and kill my 3 years NCB (annoyingly my policy is up for renewal in the next 6 days and I've just had a good quote)

-Don't tell insurance, get the bumper repaired some how, plastic welding and filler? as well as resprayed and stump up the cash myself

-Source a used bumper on ebay which will most likely be a standard mk4 bumper so I'll have to transfer over my x sport grills/fogs and glue on the front lip too, again stumping up the cash myself



Thing is I could really do without paying for this myself as I'm being messed about by work and not had any in the last two months so it's an expense I could do without. But then I could do without my insurance going up also and I don't see it fair I should have my premium hiked up when I'm not at fault.


Do I have any grounds at all for putting in a claim against someone? If so, who and how?


I know if I'd of hit a nasty pothole and received damage that way I'd be able to claim, but this was a plank of wood left dumped in the road that had most likely fell of the back of a flat bed or similar and hadn't been strapped down properly by some careless eejit.



I do not see why I should have to pay out for receiving damage out of someone else's carelessness but I fear that's exactly what I may have to do.



Long post I know but I am pretty stressed out right now and any advice on what to do now will be muchly appreciated


Thanks in advance



Headlight Malfunction?

05 April 2015 - 08:17 PM

Every now and then a warning message will ping up on my convers+ saying headlight function, before disappearing after a second or two. It won't be stored in the messages in the menu either.


Sometimes the message will ping up on entering the car and turning the car on (with auto headlights off)


Sometimes it will ping up when turning the headlights on and while they self level (xenons)


It will also ping up say if I play about with the elm software and read/write the bcm


Other than the message pinging up occasionally, the headlights seem to function completely fine and self level fine


I've ran a scan with forscan and its spat out a number of error codes


Any idea what the actual problem is and how to rectify it?


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Graco Car Seat Base Fitting

02 April 2015 - 01:13 AM

I've bought a graco car seat base and fitted it as per this video



But I can't seem to get it to tighten


Followed all the steps, the belt that goes through the seat base is tight, but excess belt can still be pulled out from the car seat and so the base can still travel quite a bit


is there a way of stopping the excess seatbelt from coming out?


I saw somewhere about if you pull the belt all the way out, then slowly feed it back in to the required length it should kick in some sort of mechanism that stops the excess belt from pulling out once fed back in


I've tried that but it doesn't seem to work

Strange Knock From Rear Driverside Wheel :s

01 April 2015 - 04:05 PM

This morning when I got in the mondeo for the first time in a few days there was a random quite loud springy noise as I sat down in the car.

The car seems to drive fine but on going over a speed bump the rear driverside wheel seemed to knock as it went over the bump. Front end seemed to go over fine but the rear seemed to knock.

Don't think knock is the correct word for it but it was quite strange. It seems to do it when I go over most speed bumps. Varying in noise and feel depending how hard I take the bump. Say no harder than 20 though.

Sometimes it sounds like the wheel is scraping on the wheel arch liner.

Its quite worrying.

Can anyone suggest what the problem may be?

The car was driving fine the other day and does drive fine now when not going over bumps.