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Elm Headlight Setting

03 March 2015 - 11:50 PM

In elmconfig, it says that my headlights are 'GDL system with auto dynamic adjust'


What exactly does this mean? Does it just mean I have xenons with self levelers?


The other settings are 'advanced lighting system with auto adj' and 'adaptive bi-xenon lights'


I know I dont have bi xenons as they are when you have one bulb for both dipped/full beam and a shutter open/closes to adjust between the two beam strengths. Whereas I have a separate high beam bulb to the dipped beam xenons.


So I just want to check that the car is set to the correct headlight setting out of 'GDL system with auto dynamic adjust' and 'advanced lighting system with auto adj' as occasionally a warning message will pinged up for a couple of seconds stating headlight malfunction before disappearing

Car Unlocking Itself?

03 March 2015 - 09:21 PM

Something quite worrying has just happened..


Popped out with the Missus round to her old dears house, parked up, got out, locked the car n went inside. Was in there about half an hour.


On walking back to the car I saw that the footwell lights was on, opened the door to find that it was already unlocked


Told myself maybe I didnt lock it properly when I got out. Pulled off, autolocking locked the doors n drove home


Parked up in my space, then on turning the ignition off, the car automatically unlocked itself, the timing was probably a coincidence but the point is it unlocked itself.


Very concerned sat thinking what could be wrong and thought I'll be putting my wheel lock on tonight, opened the door n on climbing out, the doors unlocked themselves again (while already open)


Can anyone advise on this asap?


Thinking maybe its nothing n the key fob in my pocket could of been in a funny position n accidentally pressed itself, but to do it 3 times (that I know of) in a period of time is obviously highly worrying


Could it be the battery in the fob on the way out?


Or could it be something more serious and underlying

Side Light Wire Colour - Quick Reply Needed Please

27 February 2015 - 06:39 PM

The parts for my next mod have arrived and I will be fitting DRL's to the mondeo very shortly

But first I need to know the colour of the sidights that are in my headlights so that I can splice the relay into them.

Quick reply would be really appreciated as the sooner I know the colour the sooner I can do the mod :)

Best Way To Wire In Reverse Camera?

22 February 2015 - 03:21 AM

I'm going to wire in a reverse camera to my mondeo


When I did it to my focus it was easy as my aftermarket head unit had an input for the camera


On my mondeo though I can not change the factory head unit and it doesnt have a camera input


I have a camera that is built into a number plate light, and I intend to wire the camera directly into the reverse light wire feed.


I will be routing the video wire through the car, to a little 4.3 monitor that i will discreetly mount out the way until needed


My question is really, do I need to connect the monitor to a power supply also, or do I just need to connect the camera to a power supply and the monitor will automatically come on when in reverse gear?

Possible Battery Issue?

18 February 2015 - 05:39 PM

My new mondeo had its original ford battery in when I bought it, a few times it pinged up as battery low and shut down unessecary drains on the battery like the stereo. Figured it was just down to cold weather but the dealer offered to pay for a brand new one so I figured a free battery is a free battery. Purchased a yuasa from halfrauds going by what their systems suggested for my car and the dealer refunded the cost.

But my battery issues remain, when sitting in the car with the car ignition off but say the headunit on playing music in the one hour mode, it will maybe make it 5-10 minutes before pinging up battery low.

When I had my focus I could sit in it, engine not running, and watch 2 or 3 dvds back to back on the head unit off the usb and it never once said battery low and it would still start first time afterwards with no hesitation.

Is there something more suspect going on why my mondeo keeps saying battery low so quickly