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Led Courtesy Light Problem

17 December 2014 - 10:35 PM

I am swapping the front and rear courtesy light bulbs for blue leds. The front one is a festoon and the rear is a wedge

I am experiencing a strange problem where by having both front n rear as led, one of the bulbs stays illuminated at a dimmed rate

I have them set so they come on with opening the doors. When all the lights go off, one will stay on dimmed. I find that if i turn one off completely, the other will iluminately dimmly.

Battery Change On Mk4 2.2Tdci

14 December 2014 - 06:03 PM

So last night my instrument cluster pinged up telling me my battery was low while I was in a phone call using bluetooth.


The car then ended the call and turned off the head unit, assumingly to conserve the battery.



I have just got back from a semi wasted trip to halfrauds, using my members card to save 15% off a new battery.


I was going to have them fit it, but two of their 'technicians/goons' was completely stumped at how to remove my current battery, or even get to both terminals to test it. Had a quick google and it recommended removing the air filter cover to make getting at the battery easier. i suggested this to them and they said they could not touch it as they are not insured to do that.


So I decided to proceeded to purchase the battery just to save the 15% but now I am at a loss at how to actually fit it.


Could anyone please advise on this?

Central Locking Question

14 December 2014 - 03:45 AM

New mondeo owner here.. I have a mk4 titanium x sport on a 58 plate


I can central lock the car while sat in it using the driverside door handle


But I can not central lock it from the passenger side door handle?


Can anyone tell me why this is or if there is something wrong? I could do it on my focus

What Battery For My Car?

14 December 2014 - 01:34 AM

Howdy folks


2 days into owning my mondy titanium x sport 2.2 tdci and I am having a warning message pop up saying my battery is low..


Looking on halfrauds it is saying i require a yuasa 12v silver hsb010


I am not familiar with the brand yuasa as I had bosch in the focus


Can anyone vouch for this brand or offer up any alternatives?


I want to trump for top of the range

Introducing Titan..

13 December 2014 - 03:45 AM

The time has come to say goodbye to the focus. A true end of an era and the old war horse has served me well these last 3 years but she's getting old and with the amount of miles I can cover on a daily basis a 1.6 petrol just isn't enough anymore.


So now with great pleasure I introduce Titan..


Attached File  20141212_150.jpg   138.35KB   33 downloads

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Attached File  20141212_150923.jpg   125.87KB   29 downloads


My new 2.2 litre Titanium X Sport. Top spec with privacy glass, built in sat nav, 18" alloys, twin exit exhaust, xenon headlights. The list goes goes on and on.


Even though compared to the focus most of the mods have already been done for me as standard, I wont be keeping him standard for long. I've already fitted a de badged upper grill but by no means am I stopping there.


Mods that will happen in the very near future are;


Headlight brows

Heko wind deflectors

Sun strips

Project stealth with will involve spraying most exterior trim black to match rest of the car

Converting interior lighting to blue LED again

Reverse parking camera

Second boot light



Up and coming mods would be to look at black eyeing the headlights, respraying the alloys in anthracite, stealthifying the interior interior by spraying everything black and relining the roof liner


Then of course its a diesel so I plan to start carrying out performance mods and remapping the hell out of it.