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In Topic: Intermittent Start-up Fault, No Response When Key Is Turned.

06 October 2015 - 03:44 PM

Have you checked the starter motor it self. Ive heard that when the clutch flywheel starts to break down the fileings end up clogging starter motor. hence making starter not turn properly

Hi, and many thanks for your input.  The thing is I get no clunk sound as if it's trying to engage the bendix also there is no battery drain (lights dim) when I turn the key.  However to follow through on your thoughts of it being the starter motor, I connected a cable to the starter motor positive and put a meter across that and ground whilst someone tried to start the car. and found there was no supply getting to the starter.  So I still suspect it's a relay/contactor problem intermittently failing to pull in, also when I had my old battery in and it went flat, the dials used to spin right round and back again, also my computer settings would be reset to default.  That does not happen now, the new battery has enough full power to take the cranking current repeatedly if needed.

However, thank you so much for your reply, every suggestion is much appreciated and worth investigating  :rolleyes:

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In Topic: Intermittent Start-up Fault, No Response When Key Is Turned.

06 October 2015 - 03:18 PM

Have you tried changing the battery in the key and recoding it to the car? That might help. My glow plugs didn't come on till I did that, strange I know

Hi and thanks for your response.

I'm sure the battery in my key is fine as I can lock and unlock the car from 25 yards away.  However I tried using my spare key in case it was something strange but I still get the same symptoms.  This start fault is intermittent, so I don't think it's a key problem.

Anyway, very many thanks for your help,  every suggestion helps eliminate possibilities.  :rolleyes:

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