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Clutch Bleeding Problem (Continued)

18 March 2014 - 08:06 PM

Hi Folks,

Thanks for all your previous suggestions, but I still need your help.


Well, I finally managed to fit a replacement Master cylinder and what a pig of a job that was   :angry: . Now  though, the problem is still not fixed, because when I try to refill the clutch system with fluid it just disappears somewhere.  I have checked under the pedal and in the engine compartment and also under the car but no sign of any leaks.  The bleed screw is fully open but no fluid is coming out, it's as if the fluid isn't reaching the Slave Cylinder at all.  So where can it be going I have now put nearly 1ltr of fluid through but no pressure resistance from the clutch pedal at all, it just drops to the floor when pressed. (the Breaks are still fine and the fluid in the reservoir never drops below half way).


Could it be leaking into the Vacuum Servo enclosure when under pressure instead of getting through to the Slave Cylinder (just a thought)


How much fluid should it take to refill the clutch system and could you please tell me what this drum shaped object is on the high pressure pipe (see attached photo)


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Your continued help and advice is much appreciated,

desperate Bob.  :wacko:

Clutch Bleeding Problem

06 March 2014 - 11:57 PM

Hi Guys, I have a 2006 Mondeo Mk3 2.0ltr TDCi Hatch,with a clutch problem.  I am hopeing someone can help solve my problem.  

Simply, my clutch wont bleed even using a Gunson Pressure Bleeder.  I have tried bleeding the recommended way through the reservoir but no joy, (it didn't pee in the bottle for me) so I adapted it so I could reverse bleed it from the bleed nipple, but no fluid movement in either direction.  

A few months ago I fitted new Alloys and cleaned all the brakes, fitted new pads and bled them all successfully.  I also bled the clutch which also worked fine but not this time. it's  totally got me stumped  :unsure: : I tried using the Gunson above the max pressure of 20psi up to 30psi but I darn't go any higher(I don't want to blow any seals). There just isn't any fluid movement at all  even with the bleed nipple completely removed, not even a drip.

Now the pedal no longer has any resistance and just flip-flops up and down by hand.  This only happened when I tried to bleed it to improve pressure on the pedal as it was not returning all the way up. The clutch did work OK until then but only got pressure in the last half of the pedal travel.

I really hope you guys can help, as apart from changing the master cylinder, I'm out of ideas and out of my  :censored:  mind.

Many thanks for reading.