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In Topic: streetka interior door handle

26 June 2012 - 11:10 AM

Help!!! Me too!! That is, I've just pulled my passenger side interior door handle and it's not opening my door (it's now going back and forth without doing anything). This happened (for the third time in 12 months) 3 weeks ago....got it fixed (along with the drivers side interior and exterior handles, and it cost me £270 (for both doors - as it happened to both at the same time and I had to climb out of the window)!

I DO NOT want to take my car back in to get this fixed, so could anyone please tell me:
1) is there a way I can fix this - prevent it from happening.
2) is there a Streetka repair and maintaince manual available so that I can repair it myself.

Basically, if I can't deal with this myself, I am thinking about getting another car - as I cannot keep having this happen. (3 times in 12 months). I love my streetka, but I am completely gutted!