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In Topic: ford focus titanium 07

15 January 2009 - 11:09 PM

just went out in my focus, got in turnd the key everthing was fine, took the hand brake off and i didnt roll so i eased off the clutch and still no movement... checked to see if i taken the hand brake off properly, i had, so i went to drive off and heard a massive bang noise. think its because my car has not been used in 2 days, now when i brake there is a scraping noise, like my brake pads are warn.


Hi Boots,

Nothing to worry about. Just stuck on due to the weather and lack of use.......Rusty. Will be fine after using the brakes a few times.

Hope this helps.... :D

In Topic: Focus 2ltr TDCI Electrical Issues.

15 January 2009 - 08:59 PM

I presume the alternator belt is still present and tight? Check the battery connections are clean and tight. If everything seems ok i would definetly suspect the alternator. The output from the alternator is very low. there are plenty of reconditioned alternators out there or maybe if your looking for something pretty cheap a trip to a local breakers may be an idea.

Thanks for the reply. The belt is good and one of the first checks I carried out. Connections are good too. Called ford today for prices.....100+vat. Good price :D. I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE ALOT MORE.............