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30 June 2012 - 08:12 AM

I have a 2004 Fusion 1.4 semi auto, bought new from Birmingham (Bristol Street Motors).

It always had a potential judder and knocking from transmission engagement if I didn't pull away in
a manner akin to tip toeing on eggshells.

Recently it lost the natural creep when moving slowly, and started to become a bit jerky or even "kangaroo" a bit.

My trusted garage recommended me to Steve's Autos in Blackheath, West Midlands UK, a little backstreet garage
on an industrial estate.

I had a transmission oilchange and new clutch at £500.

Oddly, the inside of the old bearing housing and bearings were ground away at a rough angle.

He told me all was fine and it was all set up and reprogrammed. He also said it would be a bit
sharp until it bedded in, which it was.

I continued to run it in, but it started to get drastically jerky, knocking on pullaway again and even

He had it back in, and had an idea it was a duff mounting, which it was ; The thick rubber bush
inside the metal component was split in several places. It must have been like that since new.

Repair cost : £56 inc. part, labour and VAT.

Other owners with similar symptoms have been told they need new ECU's, actuators, new boxes etc,
one I read about with the same car was quoted £2000!!

Aparrently this is a common fault with these so look at the mountin bushes an components before
paying a fortune for other things