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30 June 2012 - 08:47 PM

Been for a spin in a Ford Kuga today to decide whether I should use it or a Freelander2 to replace my Mondeo (2009 Titanium-X 2.0 TDCi manual).

Kuga handled tighter and was more sporty than the Freelander, felt more compact and enjoyable to use, the reverse gear is better positioned (and protected - by a collar) than the Freelander2 and the Kuga felt like it revved better, but the Freelander had more guts. However, the Freelander did feel a little sloppy handling, slack steering and porky. Performance wise the Kuga felt only slightly slower than my Mondeo, it turned slightly quicker though rolled more (a trade-off for the softer ride) and the gearstick is in the most natural position I can think of. All in all I wanted it, but the wife said "why don't you think about" which I know means 'I think not' ;-)

Excellent machine, but with the nipper here and more planned I guess we'll have to go Galaxy/S-Max route next time instead!


Hi Harvey,why dont you do what i did at chrismas,and don,t tell mrs,just turn up with it a week later,park it on the drive and wait to see what happens,lovely car,lovely drive,good mpg,although i must say she never spoke to me for a week,she has now come to like it.