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In Topic: Ford Sync Update (Usb)

25 July 2015 - 03:47 PM

I wouldn't hold out too much hope.  The last time they updated my car the broke my ability to change the colour of the ambient lighting.  When I complained,  their attitude was that I must have imagined having it.  When I complained to Ford customer service,  they said the same.  


I've also complained that the cruise speed is always displayed in mph even when the car is set to metric for odometer and fuel consumption.  They have the fix for that stateside.  


.. also the Sony radio doesn't display track info via bluetooth but on my inlaws Fiesta it does.  ... and whoever designed the UK needs shooting.  Why do you need two info buttons when playing from USB,  but one when playing a CD.  Why can't we have a button for shuffle instead of the duplicate info button.  Dumb.