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In Topic: Which of these two deals is better?

19 January 2009 - 08:58 AM

Well, in the end we went for Car #2. Mainly because the wife didn't like the interior (too plastic apparently). I'm quite pleased actually as I preferred the newer one (oh,alright, I wanted the GPS and Cruise Control!) Fortunately, their are willing to take our old 2001 Focus for 1800 Euro. It's got a big dent in one side and 200K km on the clock. Also, the airco doesn't work, the indicators don't turn off by themselves and the central locking doesn't work on the driver's side (but they didn't ask if there was anything wrong with it and I didn't volunteer the information!). So I reckon we got a decent deal there.

Thanks for the advice. Can't wait to drive our "new" car.