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Clicking Fuse Box - Relay?

24 December 2012 - 05:15 PM

Hey there.

I have a Ford Focus MK2 56-plate Zetec Climate.

Only very recently, I have noticed a clicking coming from the fuse box under the glove box.

It happens when..

1) Front wipers operate intermittently.
2) Rear wipers operate
3) Turn on rear window heater
4) Turn on dipped lights
5) Turn on ignition (without starting car)

This is really !Removed! me off.

I suspect the relays but..

I've tested the two visible relays that I can see and the clicking is still audible even when I remove them.

I've also checked the battery terminals and they appear clean.

Please, please, please can someone tell me where the clicking is coming from and how to stop it?

P.S. Merry christmas!